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30 September 2021

The Suspended

Starbase Bravo: Academy Years

“Damn her Vulcan ass!!” Sh’ill yelled, bursting into Dorm No.288, his and his friends room. “What happened?” said the Andorian, Koli, short for his name Koliahr Th’taaqas, whilst turning away from his monitor, on which some historical data could be seen. [...]

6 September 2021

The Arrival Prologue

Starbase Bravo: The Arrival

Starbase Bravo January 1st, 2393 Cadmus stepped into the turbolift as the short huff of air came in as the doors open. Cadmus Drake had just gotten off the shuttle from his transfer from Starfleet academy. Cadmus had tried to remember what the commandant said as he pulled Cadmus into his office, [...]