Starbase Bravo

Fourth Fleet Headquarters

Welcome to Starbase Bravo, the headquarters for the Fourth Fleet, a.k.a. Bravo Fleet! This is the waypoint for all new officers joining our fleet, as they await posting to one of our four Task Forces, each of which have operations across Federation space and beyond. This large Guardian-class starbase is constantly abuzz with comings and goings as brand-new officers leave for their first commands. It is here that you’ll learn how the fleet works and how to get started.

  • To get in contact with a member of the Bravo Fleet Operations Office, check us out on Discord or email
  • To go through our self-paced New Member Program, you can enroll at 
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  • To dive in with your character on Starbase Bravo, head to our area on the forums. A description of the starbase is found under this section.

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Fourth Fleet

Cadet Squadron Bravo