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Cassidy Montgomery

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Montgomery


Deputy Director of General Medicine
Starbase Bravo


Cassidy Orela Montgomery


Helena, MT


Cassidy Montgomery doesn’t want to fly through the stars anymore.  Her need for solid ground under her feet has led her back to Starbase Bravo and the good work that can be done there.  She’s keen to be a mentor and lead a team to train the future of medicine.

She is assisted in her department by Ensign Geraldine Parker, 21.


Cassidy is tall and slim, her eyes constantly searching the world around her.  Her dirty blond hair is often tied up or in the process of being tied up, as she has a habit of forgetting to put it up.  She always walks with a PADD in her hand and is always studying or reading something.  She walks quickly and confidently.

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Cassidy is a thinker, a reader, and an investigator.  She was always trying to understand the biology of everything around her growing up.  She’s always wanted to know about the great mystery of life and death.


Early Life (2361-2379)

Cassidy was born to Alma and George in Helena, MT.  She was a rambunctious child who often studied plants in the expansive backyard on the ranch.  In middle school, she became interested in animal care and joined the local 4H club in earnest.  She raised her share of cows, sheep, and pigs to show and sell.  This led to her taking community college courses in nursing which awoke a passion for healthcare.  Cassidy began to pursue every available program available to her.  She graduated high school with associates in medical care.  Her parents encouraged her in every way possible.  She applied to the  University of Colorado School of Medicine and was accepted.

University of Colorado School of Medicine (2379-2387)

Cassidy entered the program determined to become a doctor.  She impressed students and professors alike with her drive and passion.  She didn’t date and was singularly focused on completing medical school.  She made a few friends but often was found in the library studying or her dorm room reading the latest journal.  She graduated in 2383 and was accepted to the resident program at the University of Colorado Hospital.  She rotated through the departments and settled on Emergency Medicine as her primary interest.  She completed her residency in 2387.  She imagined staying and climbing the ladder at this hospital for her career.  A visit from Starfleet Academy recruiters changed her mind.  She applied and was accepted.  She completes a two-year program and is assigned to the USS Lakeshore Drive as a Lieutenant.

USS Lakeshore Drive (2387-2390)

She served as an Assistant Chief Medical Officer on the Miranda Class starship for three years.  During that time, her file was noted several times for her bravery and courage with both Starfleet officers and enemy combatants. Cassidy applied for a chief position on the Excelsior class USS Lake Pontchartrain in 2390.

USS Lake Pontchartrain (2390-2395)

Cassidy worked to correct an apathetic culture onboard and is credited with remodeling the medical and nursing operations on the ship and improving the medical department.  Several former officers cited her as motivation to go beyond being a nurse or an orderly in their careers.  Her mentoring program received high marks from her CO and XO. She is promoted to Lieutenant Commander in 2395 in recognition of her efforts.  During this time, she published several articles in The Olympic Journal, which received positive responses.  Her services were noticed by the CO of the Sovereign Class USS Jackson Lake, and he asked her to apply for his Chief Medical Officer position.

USS Jackson Lake (2395-2398)

Cassidy’s service as Chief Medical Officer on the Jackson Lake is marked by several events.  She was forced to perform battlefield medicine during an away team mission when her XO came under fire from opposition forces.  She was able to use the limited tools available to her to save the life of the critically injured XO.  She receives a commendation in recognition.  She brings the old ACMO p under charges due to his lack of care towards patients, specifically a Romulan prisoner accused of murder.  She endured pressure from the crew and her CO to ignore the situation but was resolute.  This situation became a sore spot with the CO.  He encouraged Cassidy to apply elsewhere.

USS South Platte (2398-2401)

Cassidy applied to the Olympic Class USS South Platte and was accepted as Chief Medical Officer.  She worked to structure the department with the science and medical teams equally.  Her time on the ship is noted as successful, and her reviews with her XO and CO are positive.  It was noted she could be stubborn and resistant to doing things the same way.  Her passion for patient care earns her several commendations.  She set up a mentorship program with her team that was copied shipwide in 2400. The ship was assigned to assist with planetary support after the events of the Lost Fleet, and she threw herself into the work.  She received commendations for her battlefield composure and response.  Cassidy celebrated her 39th birthday, realizing she wasn’t sure starship life was for her anymore.  She searches for positions on stations.

Starbase Bravo (2401-Present)

She applied to Starbase Bravo for the Deputy Director of General Medicine position on a lark, along with many other stations.  Bravo was the first to call.  She went through a rigorous interview process and is among the finalists for the position.  After an exhaustive review, she is offered the position.  She accepts.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2401 - Present Deputy Director of General Medicine Starbase Bravo
Lieutenant Commander
2398 - 2401 Chief Medical Officer USS South Platte
Lieutenant Commander
2395 - 2398 Chief Medical Officer USS Jackson Lake
Lieutenant Commander
2395 Chief Medical Officer USS Lake Pontchartrain
Lieutenant Commander
2390 - 2395 Chief Medical Officer USS Lake Pontchartrain
2387 - 2395 Assistant Chief Medical Officer USS Lakeshore Drive