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Profile Overview

Emily Robinson

Human Cisgender Woman


Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Robinson


Engineering Officer
Starbase Bravo


Emily Robinson


Ladian I


Ensign Emily Robinson, a 22-year-old human, serves as an Engineering Officer at Starbase Bravo. Born in 2378 on the frontier colony of Ladian I, Emily grew up in a world defined by its rugged nature and the daily struggles of its sparse population. Despite the hardships, her upbringing amidst the colony’s limited resources and constant challenges shaped her into a resourceful and determined engineer. Emily’s journey from the remote Ladian I to Starbase Bravo reflects her passion for overcoming obstacles and her belief in the power of innovation.


Emily stands at 178 cm, with a physique toned by her labor-intensive upbringing. Her light brown hair and green eyes often carry a look of intense concentration, a testament to her focused nature. Her hands, marked by the subtle signs of physical work, mirror her background in a world where manual labor was a part of daily life. Emily’s attire, even in Starfleet, hints at her practical approach, favoring utility and comfort suitable for her engineering role.


Emily embodies a blend of humility and ingenuity. Her early life on Ladian I, a world of struggle and scarcity, instilled in her a deep appreciation for the simpler aspects of life and an understanding of the value of hard work. This background makes her adept at finding unconventional solutions, often applying her skills in system maintenance, salvage, and emergency repairs with a creativity born from necessity. Emily believes firmly that “the impossible is just something waiting to be invented,” a value that drives her both professionally and personally. Despite her talents, she remains grounded and approachable, often displaying a deep sense of wonder at the complexities of the universe.


Born on Ladian I, a Class M temperate world with a thin atmosphere and limited resources, Emily’s early years were marked by the challenges of living on a frontier colony. Her community, though small, was a tight-knit group, heavily reliant on agriculture and innovation to overcome the scarcity of resources. The colony’s struggles with infrastructure and resource management were a daily reality, shaping Emily’s perspective on life and her approach to problem-solving.

Emily’s education was unconventional, a mix of practical learning and Starfleet training. She developed an early interest in engineering, influenced by the need to maintain and improve the colony’s infrastructure. Her focus areas, like system maintenance and diagnostic expertise, were not just academic pursuits but skills essential for survival on Ladian I.

Her journey to Starfleet was driven by a desire to apply her skills on a larger scale and to explore the vastness of space, a stark contrast to the confined life on her homeworld. At Starfleet, Emily excelled in her engineering track, particularly in areas like salvage operations and jury-rigging, where her background gave her a unique edge.

Assigned to Starbase Bravo as an Engineering Officer, Emily now applies her skills and values in a setting far removed from her humble beginnings. Yet, her approach remains the same – a blend of practicality, inventiveness, and a never-ending curiosity about the universe’s mysteries. Her belief that “a second’s hesitation can mean disaster” is a guiding principle in her work, reflecting both her frontier roots and her commitment to her duties in Starfleet.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2401 - Present Engineering Officer Starbase Bravo