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Profile Overview

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Soren Liara

Bajoran Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Soren


Science Officer
Starbase Bravo


Soren Liara

9 July 2371



Soren Liarais of average height, sporting short sandy blonde hair and dark brown eyes, as well as the characteristic ridges on the bridge of her nose that easily identify her as being of Bajoran descent.

Image generated by Gencraft AI Generator under license by Gar'rath.


Liara is known for her calm demeanor and ability to carry herself diplomatically. She values open communication and believes in finding common ground with everyone she meets. Her Bajoran spirituality plays a large role in her decision-making, often seeking the guidance of the Prophets when faced with ethical dilemmas.


Soren Liara was born on Bajor just two years prior to the Dominion War. She grew up hearing stories about the events that took place above and around Bajor during that period of time, but she herself has no recollection of anything that took place. Before joining Starfleet, Liara considered becoming a Vedek on Bajor, but her desire to explore the stars and learn about the myriad of cultures that inhabited the galaxy won out over a desire to pursue a more spiritual profession. Liara attended Starfleet Academy at the Beta Ursae Minor II Annex, where she studied cultural anthropology and xeno-linguistics.

Following her graduation from the Academy, Ensign Soren was assigned as a science officer aboard the USS Lancelot, assisting in long term surveys of archeological sites throughout the Federation. She served aboard the Lancelot for a full five years, first as a general member of the science team and after her promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade, as the Team Lead for the anthropology section.

Following her tenure on the Lancelot, Lieutenant JG Soren was assigned to Starbase 74, where she participated in dozens of archeological digs conducted in and around the Tarsus system. Her efforts in these scientific endeavors earned her a promotion to Lieutenant near the middle of her tour on SB 74, a testament to her dedication to her work.

After only three years, Lieutenant Soren was given transfer orders to Starbase 4, also known as Starbase Bravo, where she was assigned to the Anthropology section.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2389 - 2393 Cadet Starfleet Academy, Beta Ursae Minor II Annex
2393 - 2396 Science Officer USS Lancelot
2396 - 2398 Anthropology Team Lead USS Lancelot
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2398 - 2401 Staff Anthropologist Starbase 74
2401 - Present Staff Anthropologist Starbase Bravo