Profile Overview

D.W. Perry

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Perry


Science Officer
Starbase Bravo


Darrian William Perry III

6 October 2375

Alpha Centuri City, Alpha Centuri, Alpha Centuri System


Perry was interested in education and information all his life.  By the time he graduated from high school and, after a gap year and a half, applied to Starfleet Academy he decided that (To be determined) was the career path that would suit him best.  He excelled in his courses living up to his bookworm reputation.  At his request his parents agreed to let him take a gap year or two to travel the Federation to learn, gain experience and grow prior to taking the next step in his education.

He graduated in the top 25% of his class at Starfleet Academy.  He served for the first six months of his career at Starfleet command in San Francisco after which he was offered a transfer to Starbase Bravo.  He leapt at the opportunity.


Perry stands at 5’10” (1.78M) with light brown hair and greenish grey eyes.  His athletic build and friendly yet strong facial features along with his quiet, almost shy, presentation made him rather popular at the academy with certain groups.  His ears did tend to stick out more than he’d have liked however but not enough for him to do much of anything about it.


Darrian, DW to his friends, had a quiet but amiable personality that could come across as shy to some.  He was well read, soft spoken, and was professionally classified as an ambivert.  That last meant that he was outgoing at times but also needed alone time to, as he liked to call it, recharge.  It served him well in school as he could make friends but he also was able to study in peace and quiet when he needed to recharge.   Exercise was another form of escape as well.   By graduation from Starfleet Academy he’d learned how to balance work, fun and rest as a second nature.  He looked forward to using those skills, with modifications if needed, in the field.


DW was born in Alpha Centuri City to Damian W. “Demon Junior” Perry, Jr. and Holly Ann Perry (Nee Murphy).  His father had spent years in Starfleet’s Xeno-Geology branch of the Sciences department.  He retired at the rank of Commander after the Great Exodus after the supernova destroyed the system containing the home worlds of Romulus and Remus.  He, like Admiral Picard, was dismayed at the Federation’s response.  The man never liked the Romulans and Remans but did not think it reasonable to leave an entire civilization hanging to the four winds.  Years before he’d met the woman he’d marry on Earth when he took a weekend to travel.  They met at a Boston bar, hit it off, and married two years later on the Northern Hemisphere’s Spring Solstice –March 21st of 2367.

Darrian William Perry III was born approximately eight and a half years later.  He was the second of two children with his elder sister being born just under 21 months before him.  The family relocated from Earth to Alpha Centauri when DW was six months old and his sister was a few months past her second birthday.  His father retired from the Fleet over a year later after which he signed on with a Dilithium mining and prospecting firm.

Perry fell in love with the sciences in secondary school.  He did well in most of his classes, with one or three exceptions, but he excelled in Geology, including Xeno Geology, Psychology and History.  In fact he double majored in Geology and History and pulled off a psychology minor to boot.  It took a few summer school sessions to make that happen, however, he felt it was worth it.   Despite the small number of courses he struggled with he graduated from Stafleet Academy with a 3.69 GPA.  After assisting at Stafleet Command for a six-month period he was offered a chance to transfer to Starbase Bravo.  DW all but jumped at the opportunity.  New territory virtually always interested him and this opportunity fit the bill perfectly.