Profile Overview

Pascal Reade

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Reade


Starbase Bravo


Pascal Reade


Earth, Spacedock


Roland Reade, Human (74) (Deceased)
Mary Reade, Human (67)

Pascal was raised where his parents met and were stationed for most of their Starfleet career, Earth Spacedock. Both his Mother and Father were Science Officers in their own right, Mary Reade, a cosmology expert, played a key part in reshaping how the universe is perceived and, most importantly, how we should be treating it.

Pascal’s father, Roland, was a professor in Physics (temporal and physical) who regularly visited earth teaching and guiding the next best and greatest outside of the academy. Pascal’s course over his early life from the age of 16 was destined into the Science field, pursued at a brisk pace, and following his own father’s teaching, he soon became top of his class in most subjects required at the academy.

Being posted onto the USS Gantry and immediately leaving the academy threw him headfirst into various deep space missions, chaotic leadership, and a fast-paced ‘new science’ way of thinking. Progressing his own career, suddenly unguided by his father tragically passing away while on a 2-year mission, Pascal became more obsessed with temporal physics, for what reason, nobody knows…