Lieutenant Commander

26x26x Duty Ribbon
25x25x Service Ribbon
1x Dedication Ribbon
4x4x Legacy Ribbon
1x Meritorious Service Cross

1x Starfleet Gold Star

4x Action Medal with Galaxy Cluster

1x Action Medal with Star Cluster

2x Action Medal with Planet Cluster




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Command Adjunct: Graphics Department
Took Office August 28, 2020

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Khaled al Rashid | Minerva exec#7205

Raptor’s Wing Challenge Coin

I've been a Trekkie and fan fiction writer for about 35 years. I initially joined Bravo Fleet through the Classic Trek affiliate back in the middle aughts, and soon joined BF NEO (New Explorative Operations), which was the movie-era Trek simming affiliate at the time. Obviously, my interests are primarily in storytelling during - and in the style of - the 1960s Original Series and the movie offshoots. I'd like to dip my toe in the 2399 storyline, because I enjoy what they've done with the Picard series. In my professional life, I have been an employee of the Kentucky state government for eight years as a communications director for two different agencies. Prior to that, I was a professional journalist for 15 years. I have judged fiction writing contests, but somehow that ability to critique fiction has not translated well to being able to produce it myself.