Founded in 1997, we are one of the world’s largest and oldest Star Trek communities. We offer a friendly and welcoming place to share your passion for Star Trek, whether through writing stories, playing video games, or talking about the latest episode of Picard. Our roleplaying games build on over 20 years of established lore while our Star Trek Online fleet takes on latest challenges fighting the Hur’q or the Vaaudwar. All you need to join is an adventurous spirit and a love for Star Trek!

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Our Activities

Bravo Fleet offers more activities than any other Star Trek community. As a member, you can participate in one of our many competitions, join our Star Trek Online fleet, and much more! Our shared writing universe stays true to the Star Trek you love while also incorporating more than 20 years of fan creations!

Writing & Roleplaying

Bravo Fleet offers the best Star Trek roleplaying experience available. We have dozens of traditional "sims" (writing groups) where our members roleplay different characters in every corner of the galaxy. Once you reach the member rank of Lieutenant Commander, you'll have your very own ship to participate in our canon universe.


Our competitions provide you with the chance to show off how much you know about Star Trek! Competitions range from jigsaw and crossword puzzles to writing propts and canon trivia. Any member is welcome to enter or start a competition, and winners get to show off their shiny awards!


Bravo Fleet has a Star Trek Online fleet where our members participate in the newest missions and Task Force Operations. We host regular gaming events and live streams where all members are welcome to participate!

  Recent Announcements
Operations Report – January 2021
Posted by Aubrey Seagraves on January 24, 2021
"Operations as Normal" Guardian-class starbases were always a hive of activity and the home to enough functionaries, officials, and bureaucrats to...

Magistrate Office Report – BFM-005
Posted by Sean Stephens on January 23, 2021
Members of Bravo Fleet,   On 1/20/21, the Bravo Fleet Magistrate began proceedings against BolianCO. Said proceedings were initiated due...

Gaming Office Updates – January 2021
Posted by Rob Mackenzie on January 22, 2021
Greetings and salutations, Bravo Fleet! How are you all doing today? Now, hopefully this won't be buried under a bunch of other updates from other...

The Archanis Campaign – Coming Soon!
Posted by Alexander Beckett on January 18, 2021
If anyone’s paid closer attention to the Lore Office’s announcements than they really should, you might have picked up my Subtle Hints of...

Task Units

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Fourth Fleet Diplomatic Operations
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Fourth Fleet Border Operations
Task Force 93
Fourth Fleet Humanitarian Operations

Earn Your Own Command

As a member of Bravo Fleet, participating in activities earns perks and promotions. Once you reach the rank of Lieutenant Commander, you can request your own personal ship in our canon universe. You'll use this ship to help build canon and develop your character's story through Bravo Fleet.

Ranking System

You'll begin your journey as a Cadet, working your way through our ranks by participating in competitions, gaming events, or writing. You can even level up by chatting on our Discord server and following us on Facebook or Twitter!

Record Activity

Record all of your activity on your user dossier for your Task Force staff to review. Once you satisfy all the requirements, our staff will recommend you for a promotion.

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