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Neri Givola

Orion Female

Character Information


Starbase Bravo


Neri Givola

December 17th, 2379

Baden-Baden, Earth


Neri Givola is an Earth-born Orion female fresh out of the Starfleet Medical Technical Services Academy. She is currently enjoying the excitement of her first posting: Starbase Bravo and the Fourth Fleet.


Neri is very short and somewhat heavyset for an Orion. She is of pale green complexion and has a cherubic face with soft features. Her eyes are brown, and her hair is dark with science-and-medical-blue died highlights. She speaks English with a twinge of a German accent thanks to where she grew up.


Neri is a very chipper and eager young NCO (albeit ever-so-slightly timid and awkward), and is full of an earnest drive to make the galaxy a better place. She believes in the goodness of Starfleet in a very genuine and passionate way. Neri is also empathetic almost to a fault; she has trouble assuming that people are anything less than well-meaning, and witnessing cruelty or callousness even secondhand makes her incredibly uncomfortable and sad.


Neri was born in the city of Baden-Baden on Earth in late 2379 to a pair of Orion asylum-seekers looking to escape the wrath of the Syndicate. While her parents have deliberately never told her the details of how and why they became targets of the Syndicate, Neri was always acutely aware of her family’s status as refugees – Neri has known no Orions other than her parents for much of her life, and her parents always made it abundantly clear to her how fortunate they are to have been accepted as citizens of the Federation.

Feeling a calling to give back to the Federation that provided so much for her family, Neri enlisted in Starfleet immediately after finishing her primary schooling with the goal of becoming a medic. Her parents were less than enthusiastic about this; they would have much preferred that she stay in the safety of Earth’s atmosphere, and she frequently receives loving-but-worried messages from them.

Upon attaining the Nursing Specialist qualification, Neri’s training was finished, and she was assigned as a medic to Starbase Bravo of the Fourth Fleet.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2398 Trainee Starfleet Basic Training
Crewman Recruit
2398 Medical Technician Apprentice Earth Space Dock
Crewman Apprentice
2399 - 2499 Technician Trainee Starfleet Technical Services Academy
2399 - 2400 Specialist Trainee Starfleet Technical Services Academy
2400 - Present Medic Starbase Bravo