Amiyah Palmer's Rank Record

  • Promoted to Fleet Captain

    • It is time to recognise the achievements that Captain Brodie Lewis (aka Darth) has made in the past year (and a bit) since his last promotion in August of 2021. As he now takes the next step in becoming one of our Fleet Captains, without a doubt, he has shown tremendous effort in his role as one of our task force commanding officers.

      Darth has shown his ability to adapt to many leadership roles. During the past twelve months, he has been a Task Force Executive Officer in two Task Forces and completed an impressive term as Deputy Security Officer. In early April 2022, he assumed responsibility for Task Force 86 as its Commanding Officer. Though the journey has been up and down, Darth has shown his resilience, and his contributions to making 86 a fine group within our community are a testament to his effort. He has established a good working partnership with his Task Force Executive Officer. He continues to show his eagerness to contribute not just to Task Force 86 but also to the wider Bravo Fleet community.

      A month after his promotion, Darth earned the Jonathan Archer Order of Merit. His success continued with the Star Cross in April 2022, followed by the Legion of Merit a month later. Since then, his activity has demonstrated a decent level of participation. Twenty-three duty ribbons and twenty-three ribbons have been sent his way, showing his involvement in a range of solo and collaborative writing across Bravo Fleet. Darth is always keen to collaborate with others. Be it writing on Starbase Bravo, Endeavour NX-06, the USS Altai, Eos Station, USS Venture or the USS Neptune - Darth is everywhere! His ribbon success has not stopped there, as he has received one-hundred-seventy-four Combat Action Ribbons for involvement in various gaming activities. To top it all off, Darth is someone who has been involved in many competitions. Entering twenty competitions, he has earned twenty challenge coins from our Fleet Action in the Summer. Alongside this, he received several medals: two Gold Star medals, one Silver Star medal, one Action Medal with Galaxy Cluster, two Action Medals with Star Cluster, four Action Medals with Planet Cluster, two Action Medals with Moon Cluster and one Action Medal with Comet Cluster.

      However, it’s not just participation that Darth has undertaken; he has created three competitions during this time, including hosting our spectacular BF Trivia Night (which was very enjoyable).

      So for all of his work to date, it is my pleasure to promote Darth to the rank of Fleet Captain. Well done!
    • Well, what can I say about DarthCrusader that hasn’t already been said? In Gaming, Darth was always looking for a new gaming competition or a night of gaming to run. He was a great mentor and a big cheerleader for gaming events. His move from Deputy Security to TFCO was a loss for the gaming part of Bravo Fleet but I am glad he is on to other pastures where he seems to be thriving; however, he has not forgotten his roots and I still see Darth organizing trivia games and gatherings.

      I am happy that he’s getting the next bump up in rank and hope he continues to do well in the role he is in now. Well done!
    04 October 2022
  • Promoted to Captain

    • Battlefield promotion for Phase II of Fleet Action II: The Echoes of the Tkon!
    28 August 2021
  • Promoted to Commander

    • It comes as no surprise that it is time we recognize Darth’s consistent activity with a promotion to Commander! So where do I start? Let’s start off from where we left off back when we made him a Lieutenant Commander, well since then he has gone from strength to strength with his activity and high levels of contributions to Bravo Fleet.

      First off, I would like to mention how involved he was with the Archanis Campaign since he did his first post with me. Writing for his character, Michael Ryder, who has taken command of the Nova-class starship USS Tesla – Darth has received 69 Service Ribbons for his writing and this continued on a weekly basis during the Campaign. His eagerness to be involved has been a joy to read! Along with this, he has now created 13 characters on his dossier with more I’m sure in the pipeline! Alongside this Darth joined the Endeavour NX-06 game and has created two active characters since.

      His involvement with our gaming community is beyond words and he sets a great standard as the Deputy Game Leader. 122 Combat Action Ribbons in total since his last promotion show how impressive his activity has been with our STO fleet. He has also hosted our Gaming Evenings that have been of great success! Along with that he has reached Level 23 on our Discord server in June 2021 and is constantly being involved in discussions across the fleet’s various channels. We then move onto the number of times he has entered competitions (17 since his last promotion!) and has done extremely well in gaining top spots, collecting a total of twelve medals with clusters as proof. Not only has he entered competitions, but he has created his own ones (6 since his last promotion!) including an excellent trivia quiz that challenged so many of us to truly dig down into our Star Trek knowledge! It certainly made me stop and think!

      Finally, his dedication to our great community has been highlighted with his recruitment efforts as proven by him receiving the Starfleet Readiness Medal and alongside that last month, he got the Star Cross medal. It is now time we recognize the great contributions that Darth has made to our group and he certainly deserves this promotion to join the Commander+ club! As I predicted the last time he was promoted, he has gone on to do amazing things and without doubt, I am certain this will continue!!

      Well done Darth!  – Commodore Zack Marshall-Bennet, TF17CO

    13 June 2021
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

    • Well done Darth, you certainly deserve this promotion! As they say patience is a virtue and you’ve certainly had plenty of this since joining TF17 at the start of this year. So where do I start as to why Darth deserves this promotion? First off I think everyone knows Darth very well from our Discord Channel, by 21/02/21 he had reached Level 14 (twice the levels needed for this rank) and this is down to his committed dedication and involvement to Bravo Fleet’s success. His involvement in a range of topics on multiple channels is always respectful, funny and an enjoyment to read.

      Another great example of this is him creating five well established characters on the BFMS, one of which I have enjoyed writing with as part of the new TF17 lead expeditionary group area on the forums, for which he received his first two service ribbons for! His character development is strong and will serve him well when he writes for his own fiction or game.

      However none of this compares to his recent efforts with the amount of activity he has created in our gaming area (8 combat ribbons, 30 strategic action ribbons and 6 campaign ribbons to date), this naturally led him to apply to become the Deputy Gaming Manager for our great community. I was particularly proud to see him successfully be appointed to this role and I am glad he is now a part of the BFC. I’ve been told that he got this position from hard work and dedication, taking a failure as a learning experience, and a willingness to learn. All great skills when taking on a leadership role in our great community!

      Without a doubt Darth you are another great example of how dedication and positive involvement in our little fan club can make a difference not only to you but to the rest of us. After spending more than two weeks at Lieutenant, let’s get you to the next level! Thank you so much for sticking with us and enjoying every part of it! Keep going as you’ll continue to do amazing things!

      Zack Marshall-Bennet
      Task Force 17 Commanding Officer

    22 February 2021
  • Promoted to Lieutenant

    • Has been a LTJG for more than one week
      Created a well developed character (
      Earned 8 combat ribbons
      Earned 28 Strategic Action Ribbons
      Earned 5 Campaign Ribbons

    30 January 2021
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

    • Level 5 on Discord
      Joined STO Fleet
      Followed BF on Twitter

    20 January 2021
  • Promoted to Ensign

    • Level 4 on Discord
      Participated in 3 Competitions
      Follows BF on Facebook

    12 January 2021
  • Promoted to Cadet Senior Grade

    • Pass 3 Bravo Fleet Academy assignments

    07 January 2021
  • Promoted to Cadet Junior Grade

    • Reach Level 1 on Discord

    07 January 2021
  • Promoted to Cadet Sophomore Grade

    • Pass a Bravo Fleet Academy assignment

    07 January 2021
  • Promoted to Cadet Freshman Grade

    03 January 2021