Task Force 72

Sector Exploration and Necessary Tactical Interdiction Near Enemy Lines

Rear Admiral Julius Woodard, Commanding Officer

Task Force Commanding Officer

Rear Admiral Julius Woodard (Bigbilly86)

Task Force Executive Officer

Captain Elisabeth Basmanoff (Chris)

Task Force Chief of Staff

Captain Nelson Buechner (rippy)


Alpha Quadrant
Breen/Cardassian Border
Inconnu Expanse


Starbase 72
Minos Korva

Task Groups (3)

Active Games (5)

For much of the Federation, the end of the Dominion War in 2375 signaled a return to peace, prosperity, and exploration. Occupation forces withdrew, leaving colonists behind to rebuild their lives in the midst of fire and ash. While the Cardassian and Breen governments fell silent to regroup, Starfleet resumed its primary mission of exploration. New areas of space, such as the Gavarrian Corridor and Inconnu Expanse, provided new wonders for Starfleet.

Starfleet wasn’t the only one interested in these new ventures. The Breen, Cardassians, Romulans, and even the Tzenkethi stood by to deny the Federation access to these sectors, seeing the new space as means to expand, regroup, and resupply. But none expected the sudden appearance of indigenous species to oppose all of the major powers.

Cardassia took advantage of both the Federation’s distraction, and the Breen’s constant failures, and restored its pre-war borders by reclaiming half a dozen systems from the Breen Confederacy. Unable to fight off the Cardassians, the Breen turned to the Federation for help, who quickly denied the Breen, citing several unfortunate conflicts with the Breen in the last ten years. The Breen had anticipated this, and already had a plan of their own. Days later, a new power emerged in the Inconnu Expanse. The Breen, along with the Tzenkethi Coalition, Talarian Empire, and the mysterious Ravagers, joined forces under the Alrakis Pact.

Between the new and uncontested Alrakis Pact, the Cardassian Union’s renewed patriotism, the Ferengi’s reformed economic initiatives, and the introduction of the Freedom’s Legion (a homegrown terrorist group within Federation borders), the Federation must do what it can to maintain the status quo and keep the entire Quadrant from total destabilization.

  • Visit the simms of Task Group Athena, exploring the Inconnu Expanse and the rest of the quadrant.
  • Visit the simms of Task Group Hecate, handling internal operations and protecting the borders.
  • Learn about the Task Force’s history, the current conflicts, and more.
  • Apply for your own command in Task Force 72.
  • Accept a priority mission from Task Force Command and preserve the stability of the Alpha Quadrant.


  • Establish a foothold to conduct exploratory, scientific and diplomatic operations within the Inconnu Expanse.
  • Protect Federation interests against threats both external and internal, such as the emerging Freedom’s Legion.
  • Continue vigilance along the borders of the Cardassian Union, the Ferengi Alliance and the Alrakis Pact.

Area of Operations

  • Task Force 72 operates in the Alpha Quadrant.
  • Task Group Athena is focused on exploration, particularly in negotiating the Inconnu Expanse and the Alrakis Pact’s influence.
  • Task Group Hecate is focused on border defence and internal affairs.