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  TO  Task Force 38
FROM  Vice Admiral Jonathan Knox
      Delta Exploration Initiative
  ON  January 15, 2399

“Ad Astris” [January 2399] Though exploration was Starfleet’s primary mission, Vice Admiral Jonathan Knox always felt a sense of unease when the Barzan Wormhole opened, which it was mere minutes away from doing. He’d ordered Starbase 38’s maneuvering thrusters to keep his office viewport in sight of the aperture for each thirty-minute window every ninety-three […]

February 24th, 2020 by
  TO  All Fleet
FROM  Vice Admiral Pinna

As nearly all of the members of Bravo Fleet are already aware, Bravo Fleet is transitioning into a new model – a new way of doing things – in a few short months. One of the biggest shifts in this model is to accommodate a variety of people who want to join a Star Trek […]

February 23rd, 2020 by

It gives me great pleasure to issue my first round of monthly awards for the Task Forces who submitted such excellent nominations. This, as well as the uptick in Hall of Honour nominations really does mean I have the best job in the Fleet if I get to recognise excellence in our organisation. So without further ado: […]

Members of Bravo Fleet: As most of you have read by now, Bravo Fleet is working on transitioning into a new way of doing things, a new activity model, which will still fully support simming that we’ve always done, but also all sorts of “new” things Bravo Fleet will institutionally support. One of those things […]

  TO  All Fleet
FROM  Vice Admiral Falco Tauvits
      Starbase 72
 VIA  Behind the Scenes, Hall of Honour

Hello! And may I begin by saying what an honour and delight it is to assume the office of the Bravo Fleet Chief of Staff. This is a great opportunity to give more to the Fleet and build on everything we’ve developed these past 20 years, and I’m looking forward to it greatly. As such, […]

Hello all! It’s my pleasure to announce that Bravo Fleet has chosen a new Bravo Fleet Chief of Staff: LadyBlue! Many of you know her has the steady hand that has guided TF72 since the take over in June. She has done a phenomenal job with keeping 72 steady since then, but also one of […]

A New Bravo Fleet For some time now there has been a lot of talk in Discord about a “new model” that Bravo Fleet is transitioning towards. I’m happy to announce today that the upgrades to the BFMS for that are now 95% complete. Right now the plan is to wait until the end of […]

“I just saw a black woman on television, and she ain’t no maid!” – Whoopi Goldberg on viewing Nichelle Nichols on the bridge of the Enterprise as a child This month Bravo Fleet will be celebrating Black History Month; the most noticeable being the change in the BFMS to celebrate some of the most prolific characters […]

Members of Bravo Fleet: This weekend the BFA conducted the voting to determine the 4th Quarter 2019 and 2019 Yearly award winners for both sim and players in those respective categories. Without further delay, here are the winners: Yearly Awards – 2019   Player of the Year (2019) LCDR Nirak, USS Mercury (TF64) “I am […]

  TO  All Fleet
FROM  Vice Admiral Jonathan Knox
      Delta Exploration Initiative
  ON  January 18, 2399

“Opening the Doorway” [Early 2389] “Approaching Barzan II, captain,” the ensign at the helm reported. Knox could feel the ship shudder slightly as it dropped out of warp and switched to impulse power. The viewscreen showed a desolate-looking green world. With a toxic atmosphere, Barzan II was barely class-L and deadly to most life forms, […]

January 19th, 2020 by
  TO  All Fleet
FROM  Rear Admiral Irene Hatch
      USS Turing
 VIA  Reports, Task Force 25

Hello Bravo Fleet! It’s the first full month of operation for Task Force 25, and it has thus far been a stellar one! The USS Turing has been established as the flagship and HQ of the Task Force. This will be run as a fiction, to help really immerse the Task Force in the type of […]

  TO  All Fleet
FROM  Fleet Admiral Teylas Ramar
 VIA  Fleet Command

To all the members of Bravo Fleet: This is a Fleet Report I’ve put together to help tackle a couple of smaller topics instead of just releasing a bunch of separate reports. So we’ll cover a few topics in this report. Bravo Fleet Chief of Staff The one I’ll start with is Bravo Fleet Chief […]

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