Magistrate Trials

An archive of all members prosecuted by the Magistrate's Office for violations of the Bravo Fleet's rules. Members are charged with specific violations listed uner Section 4 of the Magistrate Code. Any member charged with a violation may select a Trial by Jury or a Trial by the Bravo Fleet Magistrate.

Case Defendant Presiding Magistrate Defense Counsel Investigator
Bravo Fleet v. Jack Pike (BFM-001)
Trial by Magistrate on June 10, 2020
Jack Pike QuodEroSpero Charles Star corigreystone
Bravo Fleet v. Mike Bremer (JAG-003)
Trial by Magistrate on June 10, 2010
MBremer Tia William Thomas Kitahashi
Bravo Fleet v. Gabriel Lyons (JAG-002)
Trial by Jury on November 6, 2009
Gabriel Lyons Slagar Eviess Cha'Riuurren Kitahashi
Bravo Fleet v. Owen Smith (JAG-001)
Trial by Magistrate on September 9, 2009
Owen Smith Slagar Eviess Cha'Riuurren Kitahashi