Task Force 93

Romulan Theater Operations

Vice Admiral Kara Thrace, Commanding Officer

Task Force Commanding Officer

Vice Admiral Kara Thrace (Thrace)


Beta Quadrant
Operations - Task Force Command
Task Group 44 - The Romulan Border
Task Group 58 - Deep Space Exploration


Devron Fleet Yards, Devron System

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Active Games (8)

Task Force 93 is a subordinate unit of Fourth Fleet operating in the Beta Quadrant.

Task Force 93 has served as a peacekeeping force along the Romulan border for the last decade and a half. Following the Romulan hypernova of April 2387, it has been tasked with securing the former Romulan Neutral Zone, protecting Federation interests in the Beta Quadrant

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Currently, Task Force 93 has a four-point mandate:

  1. Monitor the area of space formerly known as Romulan Neutral Zone, the activities of the Romulan Star Empire and its breakaway governments due the destabilized government following the Romulan Supernova
  2. Safeguard & Rebuild the systems along the border of Federation space and the former Romulan Neutral Zone
  3. Rebuild Starfleet’s presence along the Romulan border which has been greatly reduced following the abandoned rescue effort
  4. Protect Federations assets, citizens and borders from any Romulan separated factions incursions, Fenris Rangers and any independent uprising within the former Neutral Zone.

Area of Operations

Area of Operations for Task Force 93 includes; Romulan Border & Former Romulan Neutral Zone

A helpful map can be found on the following link: