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Official Fleet-Wide Mission

Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

The collapse of the Romulan Star Empire plunges the Fourth Fleet into the dangers of the Velorum Sector. Their mission: to protect the Remans' struggle for independence

Mission Description

The Romulan Star Empire is collapsing. Deeming the leadership too weak, the Star Navy by force of arms has dissolved the Senate, and in doing so destroyed the basis by which the government of Rator could claim to be a continuation of Romulus. Many surviving senators and regional governors have condemned this coup as nothing more than the act of warlords, making them no better than any other faction, and rejected Rator’s authority.

Worlds are falling away from the Empire. Many throw their lot in with the Romulan Free State, seen now by many to be the only true successor of Romulus, bound by historic diplomatic ties such as the Treaty of Algeron and yet moving the Romulan people into the bright 25th century. Others turn their backs on anything resembling the old ways, setting their eye on the Republic or independence. They scramble for self-sufficiency by seizing Imperial assets and gathering allies, or have fallen prey to the warlords who have long gorged on the remains of the once-great empire.

Notable among these is the Velorum Sector. Relatively close to Rator, the region is rich in minerals that have been essential to the Romulan Star Navy for centuries, and was expected to stay loyal – or be kept that way. But it has a higher proportion of Remans among its populace than anywhere in the galaxy since the supernova, sent there to work the mines and dangerous refineries that give Velorum its wealth. Within days of the shattering coup, the Romulan regional governor on Psi Velorum III was removed by Reman workers led by Resak, a former labourer in the world’s mines. Resak was quickly declared acting-governor, and has invited the Velorum Sector to join him in declaring independence from the Star Empire, and to create a new state respecting the rights and labour of Remans, Romulans, and other inhabitants alike.

The initial response to Resak’s takeover in the Velorum Sector has been overwhelmingly positive. Most Star Navy forces have fled or been pushed out, and local governments on other worlds – new or old – have their Romulan and Reman leadership alike pledging support. But it is likely that Rator will not let Velorum go easily, and the region is a prized jewel not only for them, but the warlords on the spinward border who may see Velorum’s independence as an opportunity. Likewise, it is unlikely the Tal Shiar will let the Velorum slip through the Free State’s hands easy, and towards the rim lies the Klingon Empire, rife with all of its instability born of the machinations of the House of Mo’Kai and its inherent lust for battle and expansion.

Aware of all these risks, Resak has turned to an unlikely ally: the Federation. Demonstrating himself a fair new leader with the backing of his populace, he has requested protection so the Velorum Sector may safely determine its own destiny, shaking off the shackles of Rator without falling prey to some other power.

The Fourth Fleet has thus been dispatched to the Velorum Sector to offer support as the region establishes its independence from neighbouring Romulan factions. Most of the worlds have overthrown the Star Empire’s leadership, those officials fleeing or being exiled after the takeover. The population of the inhabited worlds, moons, and facilities of Velorum is primarily workers for the industries and mines – mainly Reman, with a minority of Romulans and some other former vassal species. It is these workers who have led the fight for independence and seized control, accounting for the movement’s overwhelming popularity.

But independence and self-sufficiency are long roads. A handful of worlds are still in turmoil, either with remnants of the Star Empire’s leadership clinging to power or the local populace uncertain of the choices before them. Others struggle to see to the basic needs of their people as the Star Empire withdraws assets and resources. Some have more long-term concerns with the loss of Imperial infrastructure, such as having the facilities to continue the industrial and mining work that is the source of Velorum’s wealth – and thus, by raw materials or the benefits of trading them, its security.

Worse, the Romulan Star Empire has not formally accepted Velorum’s independence. They have deemed the uprising the act of rebels and traitors, and the Star Navy is reportedly mobilising to bring the region to heel. With the Star Empire in total chaos with the fallout of the coup on Rator, it is deemed unlikely they could bring their full force to bear as they focus on the safety of the core worlds to which they cling, but there are many avenues open to them. Naval ships or task groups could threaten regions of Velorum, either bringing precious border worlds back under control or reminding the people as a whole that they are safer with, not against, the Star Empire. Not all who live in Velorum support independence, especially those Romulans with ties to the former administration, and they are potential agents for the Star Empire to support as agitators, spies, or saboteurs.

Other factions still may see Velorum as an opportunity or a prize. The Free State is formally not involving itself in the general chaos enveloping the Romulan Star Empire, but the hand of the Tal Shiar has been felt in the secession of multiple border regions. Despite the distance between the two regions, the Free State may make, or expect to make, sufficient territorial gains to have ambitions towards Velorum, and the Tal Shiar is likely how they would execute that desire: not by strength of arms, but agents manipulating the people and leaders of Velorum towards the Free State.

Rather than trying to steer the whole region’s future, some threats stem from mere opportunistic vultures. Warlords have dominated the spinward-region of the old Star Empire, ruling over handfuls of worlds and conducting raids for resources to keep their rule intact. The riches of Velorum make its systems a tempting target. Likewise for other pirates, with the proximity of Velorum to the Triangle.

For now, the Romulan Republic has not involved itself. Some former regions of the Star Empire have wholly aligned themselves with the fledgling democracy, and their resources have been stretched thin to defend and incorporate new territories; they have not the capabilities to make overtures to those who do not come to them. So far, the Klingon Empire has not acted on the chaos of the Star Empire’s collapse, with diplomats and spies reporting internal disagreement on whether or not to seize this opportunity for fresh conquest.

The Fourth Fleet has dispatched a diplomatic delegation to Psi Velorum III. This mission is to assist Resak in establishing his provisional government and making plans for the future, as well as to discuss any long-term relationship between Velorum and the Federation. But the overall goal is to enable the sector’s self-determination, as free as possible from external meddling. With the chaos of the region, a policy of non-intervention by Starfleet would merely allow others to exploit or conquer Velorum. It is to the Fourth Fleet to aid the people of Velorum in stabilising their worlds, getting back on their feet after the rule of the Star Empire, and having a steady foundation for the future with infrastructure and industry. And, all the while, keeping the vultures at bay.

Starfleet has issued the following orders:

– To aid the Provisional Government of Resak to establish itself in a free, fair, and democratic manner across Velorum;

– To mediate internal disputes on worlds of Velorum uncertain of their future allegiance;

– To aid rebuilding and provide humanitarian aid in regions struggling without the Star Empire’s support;

– To aid Velorum in securing its economic future with industrial and mining infrastructure, and in emergency trade deals to fairly support its needs;

– To protect the Velorum Sector against external threats, including but not limited to the Romulan Star Empire of Rator.



The campaign of Sundered Wings is a series of independent stories all contributing to the greater narrative around the 2022 Fleet Action. Writers will write the stories of their ships and crews responding to the crisis, and the Lore Office will respond to these and advance the campaign’s events.

Any member is welcome to participate in Sundered Wings. If you have a primary command, you can write the story of your starship and crew responding to the situation in the Velorum Sector. You can start a Mission on BFMS under this Sundered Wings fleet-wide Mission. Otherwise, keep an eye out for opportunities to participate on Starbase Bravo. If you want to write with another member, you can do so! Your ships or characters can work together on missions. BFMS supports this. Members without their own ships will be given other opportunities to engage directly on Starbase Bravo. 


The Story

The following are some simple premises for stories and plot beats to consider in this phase. They can help you get started, and are free for everyone to use – and maybe put your own spin on it!

– The workers and populace of a world in the Velorum Sector have signalled their desire to join Resak’s independent government – but the local Imperial government still has a strong foothold. Your crew must do what they can, within the bounds of Starfleet doctrine, to help these people achieve self-determination.

– A heavily industrialised system was long-reliant on food shipments from beyond the sector to feed its large workforce populace. Now these people need more than just supplies; they need a path to self-sufficiency.

– The labourers of one dilithium-rich system have overthrown their imperial overseers – but the Star Navy has blockaded the system and its facilities with the intention of reclaiming them. Will you resolve this with diplomacy, or force of arms?

– The populace of one peaceful world stand at a crossroads, uncertain if they wish to follow Resak’s provisional government, rejoin the Star Empire, or go their own way entirely. Your crew must support them through the decision-making process – and uphold and preserve their choice, whatever that may be.

– The outskirts of the Velorum Sector, where distant and more insignificant mining facilities lie, have become a target for the pirates launching raids from the Triangle. Protect them.

– Workers on one of the most brutally oppressed planets of the Velorum Sector have overthrown their overseers. But many among them are now calling for reprisals, and the world lies on the precipice of a bloodbath. Cool tempers if possible, or escort Imperial families to safety.

– Mining in a system with key facilities is resuming, the workers aware their industry gives Velorum wealth to both stand on its own and the political influence that comes with it. But a series of sabotages are setting back Velorum’s industry, and Starfleet Intelligence suspects the hand of the Tal Shiar, eager for Velorum to turn to the Free State for protection.


Unlike the Fleet Action of 2021, this Mission of Sundered Wings will last the whole 6 weeks of the event. There will not be multiple phases where the entire premise of your story shifts.

However, each Fleet Action phase will include updates to the situation in the Velorum Sector. These will be new developments that may or may not affect the story you are telling; new political shifts or the arrival of new factions which you are at liberty to involve in your writing, or leave alone entirely – the sector is a big place, after all. As always, ask the Lore Office if you are unsure, and maybe pay close attention to what is involved in the Velorum Sector briefing right now – and what isn’t.

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