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USS Rhyndacus: Blockaded Dilithium

Blockaded Dilithium

Mission Description

The labourers of one dilithium-rich system have overthrown their imperial overseers – but the Star Navy has blockaded the system and its facilities with the intention of reclaiming them. Will you resolve this with diplomacy, or force of arms?

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10 July 2022

Sunrise brings new light

USS Rhyndacus: Blockaded Dilithium

Two simple caskets draped in the flag of the federation of planets are laid out on the floor of cargo bay two of the Rhyndacus. Before them in the barely lit landing area, processions are barely noticeable approaching the area marked for the Remembrance Monolith.    Four individuals [...]

8 July 2022

Let the negotiations begin

USS Rhyndacus: Blockaded Dilithium

The view screen comes up with a Romulan commander sitting in what looks to be his ready room onboard a ship. “Commander Nijeer, counselors and Captain. I am here to represent the Romulan Republic and offer a place amongst the Republic for the people of Alth’Ndor IV. I have been granted full [...]

5 July 2022

Tomorrow starts anew

USS Rhyndacus: Blockaded Dilithium

Kr’Antren walked over to the replicator in his room, still blinking the sleepy just waking haze from his eyes. “Chai tea with cream and medium sweetness, vanilla yogurt with almond honey granola and a banana.” The items materialized on the replicator PADD, he took them and walked over to his [...]

3 July 2022

Tomorrow is a new day

USS Rhyndacus: Blockaded Dilithium

Kr’Antren looks up at her as she enters the ship, looks down at the prisoner “Well I guess he is here for you.” and walks over to the large formidable looking Klingon that is a few steps away. “ Sir, I am Ltjg Kr’Antren captain of the federation ship USS Rhyndacus.” Offers his hand to [...]