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USS Ahwahnee: Thoughts From Underground

Foshir III, a border world controlled by the rapidly destabilising Romulan Star Empire, is thrown into a maesltrom of political machinations.

Mission Description

The Rator coup has happened. The Romulan Star Empire now looks inward. Out by the border worlds, the Romulan Free State sees its opportunity. Many of these systems are rich in strategic resources, and the time to strike is now. Near the Federation border, the USS Ahwahnee is assigned to keep an eye on a rapidly developing situation on the mining colony of Foshir III.

About the Mission

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Start Date

8 July 2022

The Product of Our Sweat and Toil

USS Ahwahnee: Thoughts From Underground

Not yet in orbit of Foshir III, the Ahwahnee edged tentatively forwards at half impulse. The planet grew bigger on the viewer, lush emerald continents specked with mountain ridges. Ice caps gave way to swirling grey-blue oceans peeking through tempestuous blankets of churning cloud. The Foshirran [...]

6 July 2022

Hungry Mouths

USS Ahwahnee: Thoughts From Underground

Therran and J’Iral wore black. The patterned Tal Shiar field uniforms were accented with dark sashes, resting across their torsos with imperial pomp. Rank insignia glinted on each collar. Their boots clomped as they strode between two columns of Romulan soldiers. Each stood to attention as [...]

4 July 2022

Infinite Monkeys

USS Ahwahnee: Thoughts From Underground

There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen. The USS Ahwahnee travels at high warp into the latter; an imperceptible turn in the cogs of time, or the latest stroke hammered out on one typewriter of an infinite continuum that tells our story. The [...]

30 June 2022


USS Ahwahnee: Thoughts From Underground

An incoming communication alert chirped from the conn. “Sir,” Delfino called, “it’s Starbase 718. They’ve finished the decryption.” “Alright Lieutenant,” Felrak stood with his arms behind his back, monitoring the transmission waveform. Two days had passed with seemingly few [...]