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Part of Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

USS Galileo: Remnants

The USS Galileo is sent to the Velorum Sector to aid in the defense of the Ketalos 3 mining facility.

Mission Description

On the outskirts of the Velorum Sector lies the now unknown and insignificant mining facility of Ketalos 3.  For decades, Ketalos has provided needed resources for the Romulan Star Empire.  However, they have become obsolete in recent years due to advances in mining technology.  With tensions mounting within the Empire, Ketalos has fallen by the wayside, unable to defend herself from increased pirate activity.  Pirates hoping to capitalize on the chaos within the Empire have taken advantage of Ketalos’ defenses, and now it falls on the Galileo to aid the Fourth Fleet in the Velorum Sector.

About the Mission

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Start Date
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5 June 2022

Beating Around the Bush

USS Galileo: Remnants

  With everyone gathered in the Observation lounge, Naris hoped this would be a short briefing.  She honestly didn’t like these long-drawn-out meetings that took forever.  Her plan was simple: go in state the mission, talk about what happened, and hope no one had any [...]

28 May 2022

Receiving Orders

USS Galileo: Remnants

  The Galileo has been in refit and dry dock for a few weeks, enough time that Naris was starting to chomp at the bit.  She didn’t like just sitting here, and she certainly didn’t take command just to wait.  She was reading over the latest round of new arrivals as she looked up [...]