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Part of Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

Starbase Bravo: Sundered Wings

Starbase Bravo is host to a diplomatic crisis summit during the midst of a budding refugee crisis, as the Romulan Star Empire collapses.

Mission Description

As you can see in the first entry for this mission, Starbase Bravo is playing host to a large diplomatic summit to help figure out what to do in the midst of a collapsing Romulan Star Empire. As part of the Sundered Wings Fleet Action, this mission will allow you to interact directly with the current fleet story from the perspective of crew members on Starbase Bravo.

Key Plot Points

-Starbase Bravo is going to be busy during the Sundered Wings Fleet Action! Diplomatic delegates will be pouring in from any Romulan faction you can think of, as well as Federation member worlds, and the Klingon Star Empire.
–Deck officers and operations specialists will be busy helping these people find their way to their accommodations and making sure everything is up to snuff.
–Security officers will need to make sure the peace is maintained in public areas; not all of these people like each other after all!

-Yet again, Starbase Bravo will be at the forefront of a refugee crisis.
–Medical officers and counselors will need to see to the physical and mental healthcare needs of our new residents, who will be both on the base itself and on the planet’s surface, coming in on Starfleet, Federation, and Alien transports.
–Engineers will need to help shore up medical facilities on the surface and build new accommodations for the refugees. They might also need to repair ships that have arrived through various combat zones to get here. 

-Tensions will be high, but there is a spirit of optimism about this summit; many Romulan factions see the final collapse of the RSE as a net positive thing for them, and the Federation is eager to see an old foe break into smaller pieces.

-Under no circumstances should there be a suspicion of refugees actually being covert infiltrators or terrorists or anything like that; the idea that taking in refugees makes a country vulnerable to terrorism is a racist, xenophobic dog whistle that will not be entertained here.

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23 July 2022

Into the Woods

Starbase Bravo: Sundered Wings

“This could have been worse!” Hargreaves tried to sound perky as they ducked into the sea of greenery beyond the wrecked runabout. Trees boughs leaned down from above, sunlight twisting between the leaves to criss-cross patterns of shadows over them. In the distance came the tweeting of birds, [...]

21 July 2022

Who Counsels the Counselor

Starbase Bravo: Sundered Wings

Cynndle glanced over at the display on the wall and cursed inwardly when he noticed the time. Turning around he walked quickly to the turbolift but after a few strides, he slowed back to his regular pace, his mind wandering back to what the Romulan child had told him and to the call he had with [...]

16 July 2022

Into the Breach

Starbase Bravo: Sundered Wings

Longfellow checked his chrono. 1000 hours.  Beside him stood Lieutenant JG Cynndle Oin’sun.  They were finishing the sealing of the biohazard suits and having the medical team do a triple check from top to bottom. Cynndle stood still as a medical tech systematically checked each of the [...]

15 July 2022

Something has survived part 3

Starbase Bravo: Sundered Wings

He received a reply from Lt. Cynndle as he got ready to check in with Chief Valin, he also received the updated reports from the transporter rooms that he now found himself in charge of. “Well ok, like the LT said things do happen in mysterious ways. Hopefully, they wait till we get there before [...]