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USS Neptune: Fear The Darkness

The crew of the Neptune is asked to join a Task Force for a mission to Kunhri III to help with the defense of the planet due to ever closing Romulan Forces. Things aren't what they seem, which seems to be a normal for the Neptune. What will they find as they defend the planet?

Mission Description

The Neptune upon request was sent as part of a Task Force helping to secure Kunhri III. The ship is put into a standard defense posture, but as the hours and days began to pass something feels off. The aide for help by Captain Taes cements something is amiss. The Neptune begins to unravel a dark secret that must put one of it’s crew members in danger to fully understand. The Darkness hides all sorts of surprises.

About the Mission

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26 December 2023

Christmas Resolutions

USS Neptune: Fear The Darkness

“Computer start personal log” The computer chirped in acknowledgement. “Personal log” Tallie paused for a minute before continuing “This used to be my favorite season as it meant so much to me, but through the years I have become hardened to the joys that most people feel at this time. Of [...]

9 July 2022

Chapter 4: The Enemy That You Thought You Knew

USS Neptune: Fear The Darkness

Teral sat in silence on the bridge watching the scenes that unfolded in front of her. She had been hiding in the system observing per her superiors, but she had her own reasoning for it, though they didn’t need to know that.   She watched in glee as so many Federation ships began to [...]

8 June 2022

Chapter 3 Preparing for the Unexpected

USS Neptune: Fear The Darkness

Michael had been preparing for the briefing taking all the information he had been given and trying to come up with some sibilance of a plan out of the situation. As he walked down the corridor the hum of the warp core ever present he couldn’t help, but remember what it has taken him to get here. [...]

1 June 2022

Chapter 2 Phantom of the Past

USS Neptune: Fear The Darkness

The room was eerily dark yet for some reason it seemed familiar the eerie glow of lighting seemingly out of place. Michael recognized this place, but something told him he didn’t want to remember it. A bloodcurdling scream echoed through the halls, which made Michael jump. Every fiber of his [...]