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Part of Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

USS Elysion: Legacy Mine

The value of life is called into question as Jonathan Ransom and the crew of Elysion are asked to act to protect a unit of Romulan cadets

Mission Description

As a group of young and untried cadets of the Romulan Star Empire is called into service against Resak, one teacher fights for his beliefs in order to protect the lives of his students. Will the crew of USS Elysion be able to fight alongside him against overwhelming odds?…

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1 June 2022

Legacy Mine - Part 1

USS Elysion: Legacy Mine

Barash leaned back in the uncomfortable high-backed wooden chair and belched loudly. The food had been mediocre at best, but he had to admit that the wine had been excellent. He held his glass goblet aloft to signal that he required more. A silent uhlan, standing just out of view in the shadows of [...]