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Part of Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

USS Sovereign: Death by the Star

Sovereign is ordered to answer a call for help from a Reman Mining Station.

Mission Description

The crew of the Sovereign is tasked to assist a Reman Mining Station with anything they need. They will then find out that the equipment and vital systems that have stopped working were not due to deteriorating age but due to sabotage. Can the crew find the saboteur before they do any more damage? Or will they be forced to evacuate the entire mining station? Find out on the next adventure of the Sovereign!

About the Mission

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Start Date
End Date

9 July 2022

Chapter Six/Epilogue

USS Sovereign: Death by the Star

Ryker brought the runabout up to the other one, to where both he and Sivol can see that the other runabout was drifting without power. Even with a sensor sweep, they could tell the craft had suffered significant damage. But luckily for them, they detected four life signs, all appeared normal, maybe [...]

6 July 2022

Chapter Five

USS Sovereign: Death by the Star

Ruby sighed heavily into his helmet when he heard what the captain had asked them to do. Just before Bazial and Gatia could say it, Ruby raised his gloved hands to stop them “I know. You two want me and Lane to count the bodies. You do realize there are some organic matter in space, right?” But [...]

4 July 2022

Chapter Four

USS Sovereign: Death by the Star

“When we requested aid, we did not expect Starfleet to send a warship. Especially one that destroyed our mining vessel! Care to explain, Captain?” Said the Reman on the view screen, who had just introduced himself as Tekarex, the current commander of the mining facility. Vakai stood there with [...]

2 July 2022

Chapter Three

USS Sovereign: Death by the Star

Two columns of light formed in the dark corridor that soon disappeared as quickly as they appeared, only to leave two silhouettes behind. The two figures both reached for their suit controls on their left arms and activated their helmet lights which brought illumination to the darkness. Upon closer [...]