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Part of Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

USS Erigone: Into the Fire

Commander Harris and his crew are called in to help.

Mission Description

The Raven Class USS Erigone may be small, but she’s been assigned the task of supporting and helping in the midst of the crisis.

About the Mission

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13 June 2022

Stoking the Flames

USS Erigone: Into the Fire

Larakas Colony  – Office – 0700 “The workers in the mines are back to work this morning and our administrators report that the factories’ work remains unaffected.  The public display of the failure of those officers was successful.”  The sub-commander tapped at his tablet, [...]

12 June 2022

Dousing the Flame

USS Erigone: Into the Fire

USS Erigone – Sickbay – 0600 “Good morning, Commander.”   Harris blinked his eyes as the light in the room slowly brightened to half and the figure of his Chief Medical Officer spoke up from her biobed, wiping the sleep away.  She was unkempt, looked as rough as he’d ever seen [...]

11 June 2022

One Last Flame

USS Erigone: Into the Fire

Rogasa Station – 0830 =^=There’s nothing on sensors overnight and comms traffic didn’t have anything unusual.  Looks like we managed to get out at just the right time, Commander.” Harris was thankful for that as his first officer Jordan Reid gave him the last part of [...]

10 June 2022

The Fire Within

USS Erigone: Into the Fire

Larakas Colony – 2000 “They return…without the data?”  Commodore Patra sat at his governor’s desk, listening to the report from his communications officer.  The Larakas Colony sat on the far edge of the system on an unremarkable planet with enough industry to keep the lights on [...]