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USS Tesla: Lift Off

The crew of the Tesla is dispatched on a scientific mission to gather samples from an unnamed planet as a small team of their security is sent on a fact finding mission to investigate rumors of Cardassian rebels gathering forces to support Romulans in the Velorum Sector.

Mission Description

The USS Tesla has recently undergone new renovations after her recent mission to planet Ryex in which the ship suffered severe damages. The vessel is now prepared for a brand new crew and a green captain, but will this rowdy crew and their inexperienced captain be able to establish a working relationship long enough to give this little ship a chance to continue on her mission to explore the far reaches of the universe?

The Tesla’s first mission occurs during the height of conflict following the fall of the Romulan Star Empire and the Velorum Sector’s bid for independence, the Tesla is given their first assignment under the command of their new Captain Savik. They are tasked with collecting scientific samples from an unnamed class L planet on the outskirts of the Glintara Sector, a low-ranking operation that Tia Savik is none too thrilled with receiving. Captain Savik’s pride is further offended when she learns that her Chief of Security, Lieutenant Ilyia Vikas, has been charged with taking the lead on a covert mission to investigate reports of possible interference in the Velorum Sector from a large force of Cardassian rebels who supported the Romulan Star Empire. As the Tesla security team is thrust into a whirlwind of lively action and intrigue while trying to tiptoe along the fine line of delicate diplomatic negotiations, Tia Savik is left learning how to navigate the tepid waters of her new command with an unruly crew.

About the Mission

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16 July 2022

The Weight of Ethics

USS Tesla: Lift Off

The comm band on Akeno’s wrist chirped to life as a short message came through. They had located a Cardassian vessel and the Tesla crew members were being summoned to the bridge. Akeno had been careful to avoid John and Jovi as he took a moment to settle into his new quarters, pondering how he [...]

30 June 2022

A Secret Weapon

USS Tesla: Lift Off

Lieutenant Ilyia Vikas had elected to accompany her security team to meet the Bajoran Captain who would be guiding them to the Cardassian ships that were allegedly aligning themselves with the Romulans. As the Tesla hovered in orbit around the planet of Bajor, Ilyia with her selected company took a [...]

17 June 2022

Learning the Ropes

USS Tesla: Lift Off

Tia strode into the conference room and was pleased to find her XO and the other bridge officers already present, as well as a few new faces she had not yet had the opportunity to meet. She matched the sharp Vulcan features of Ilyia Vikas, her Chief of Security, with the image provided in the [...]

28 May 2022

Trial of Command

USS Tesla: Lift Off

The air smelled sweet as Tia sucked in a deep breath through her nose. She felt tempted to pinch herself to ensure she wasn’t dreaming, but she wouldn’t allow herself such an impulsive gesture as she was certain every eye of her new crew would be upon her as they assessed their new captain. Her [...]