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USS Sitacus (Archive): Changing Times

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Sundered Wings

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19 June 2022

We're Out There Now

USS Sitacus (Archive): Changing Times

Commander Matt Kirby, the new CO of the USS Sitacus, sat proudly in the command chair on the bridge.  It was the day the ship left Starbase Bravo to help in the Velorum sector and Kirby couldn’t be more excited.  The process to head out had taken time; there were briefings and [...]

17 June 2022

Finding the Crew

USS Sitacus (Archive): Changing Times

Commander Matt Kirby sat in his office, bleary eyes staring at two stacks of PADDs.  To his right were files of people he was considering choosing to be senior officers on the Sitacus.  The PADDs to the left were people he wouldn’t select.  The problem was, the yes group was [...]

15 June 2022

A Surprise

USS Sitacus (Archive): Changing Times

Commander Matt Kirby, an Ops officer on Starbase 93, was called in to meet with his section leader.  At age 32, he was an assistant leader himself, having served on the base for his entire career since graduating from Starfleet Academy.  Confident that a promotion was coming, he stepped [...]