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USS Adventure: USS Adventure – Tip of the Spear

Boarder Patrol and Covert Ops

Mission Description

Lieutenant Kozan has arrived at Starbase 47 to meet with the captain of the USS Adventure.

For the past two years, Lt. Kozan, a Gorn Starfleet officer is one of the few Starfleet representatives that Romulans were willing to communicate with, mostly because he is not human.  For this same reason he was chosen by Starfleet Command to meet with the newly declared independent provisional Reman leadership.

R’Tor and his crew are once again called upon to walk a tight rope in a potentially chaotic situation.  The USS Adventure, being a small unassuming ship is ideal for taking on a semi-covert mission while patrolling the border between Federation and the newly declared independent sector.

No one knows what the Romulans are planning,  especially since losing their homeworld  they do not tend to relinquish territory, so it is anyone’s guess what situation the Federation could be facing.  Plus there is no telling what shape this new government will take and what opportunities or potential conflicts could arise.

The USS Adventure stands on the tip of the spear as Starfleet takes steps to ensure peace in the region.

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11 July 2022


USS Adventure: USS Adventure - Tip of the Spear

EPILOGUE  Giant rocks tumbled lazy through space as light from the twin suns pierced the dust and haze of the asteroid field. A catlike silhouette stood silent in-front of a large window and watched the rocks and dust drift by. Despite the radiant glow R’Tor felt  fortunate his fur [...]

8 July 2022


USS Adventure: USS Adventure - Tip of the Spear

Late afternoon in the captain’s quarters – USS Adventure R’Tor curled up in his favorite chair in his quarters and reviewed reports from engineering. The news was not encouraging. The ship had taken significant damage on the first volley. He shook his head in disgust as he looked over the [...]

29 June 2022

Tip of the Spear Act 2

USS Adventure: USS Adventure - Tip of the Spear

ACT 2 The USS Adventure is traveling at warp three point five toward the Quirinus System. Kozan turned from the tactical station and his translator warbled as he reported, “We are entering the system sir.”  R’Tor stood up, his ears perked up and twitched to the side a little. He looked [...]

14 June 2022


USS Adventure: USS Adventure - Tip of the Spear

INTRODUCTION With the entire crew called together in docking bay two on Starbase 47, Mark Russell the first officer stepped in front of the fifty individuals whose responsibility it was to ensure the ship operated at all levels. He straightened himself and looked over to the bay entrance. The door [...]