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Part of Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

USS Denver: From Romulus with Love

A Sundered Wings Campaign Mission

Mission Description

The crew of the USS Zebulon Pike has been on extended leave since returning to their own reality. But, events unfolding in the former Romulan Empire compels the intrepid crew to return to the fold infiltrating a Romulan base that may hold information vital to Bravo Fleet’s mission.

About the Mission

USS Denver
Total Stories
Start Date

11 July 2022

Here We Go

USS Denver: From Romulus with Love

Rator III… “Ethan, we’re approaching Rator III. We’re still undetected, but that’s only because our countermeasures are working.” Mikaela piped up as her hands moved swiftly to evade the numerous patrols surrounding the planet. “Thank you, Mikaela.” He glanced over at Jolie, [...]

17 June 2022


USS Denver: From Romulus with Love

Ethan had changed into a Starfleet uniform… sort of.  He wore the trousers and the black undershirt with three commander’s pips but opted to leave off the jacket. He entered the after-crew lounge aboard the USS Zebulon Pike with Governor Tomarah T’sei at his side.  His crew was [...]

28 May 2022

The Secret Lives of Spies

USS Denver: From Romulus with Love

The was empty at this early hour. Ethan was wearing a pair of greasy overalls. With his unkempt hair andsalt and pepper beard he like any one of hundreds of freighter crews that visited Starbase 4 every day.  Approaching a shuttle bay Ethan entered an access code given to him by Starfleet [...]

23 May 2022

Spring Roundup

USS Denver: From Romulus with Love

Rafter T Ranch Central Mountain Region, Terra Alpha   Ethan kicked Jake in the sides with a light tap of both boot heels and the buckskin colored quarter horse jumped into action running full speed at a Black Angus cow with her tail raised high like a flag pole.  Her calf was close [...]