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Bravo Fleet Command (NONE)


Not Applicable-class • NONE • Starbase Bravo

The Fourth Fleet, colloquially known as Bravo Fleet, is one of the numbered fleets that make up Starfleet. Founded in response to the Borg incursions and rising Dominion threat of the 2360s and 70s, for much of the past two decades it has been assigned duties following the Federation’s non-interventionist policies since the Attack on Mars. Recently, however, the 4th Fleet has been repurposed for missions beyond the Federation’s territory and interests. With a highly specialised array of Task Forces, Bravo Fleet is dedicated to frontier defence, humanitarian support across borders, diplomatic engagement, and deep-space exploration.

This section serves as a repository for Stories and Missions that affect the whole Fleet. Here you can find Fleet-Wide Missions in which members have participated, and official stories advancing the narrative of Bravo Fleet from the Lore Office.

Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
Commander, Fourth Fleet
ID: 1356
Deputy Commander, Fourth Fleet
ID: 669
Chief of Staff, Fourth Fleet
ID: 837
Director of Fourth Fleet Operations
ID: 1759
Director of Fourth Fleet Intelligence
ID: 1036
Director of Fourth Fleet Engineering
ID: 35
Director of Fourth Fleet Communications
ID: 1679
Fourth Fleet Surgeon General
ID: 669
Director of Fourth Fleet Security
ID: 2041
Deputy Director, Fourth Fleet Intelligence
ID: 2022
Deputy Chief of Staff, Fourth Fleet
ID: 2109
Commander, Task Force 17
ID: 2187
Commander, Task Force 47
ID: 2121
Commander, Task Force 72
ID: 2240
Commander, Task Force 86
ID: 2208
Commander, Task Force 93
ID: 2223
Deputy Commander, Task Force 17
ID: 2374
Deputy Commander, Task Force 47
ID: 10
Deputy Commander, Task Force 86
ID: 2266
CoS to VAdm Beckett
ID: 1036
Flag Officer
ID: 669
Former CoS to VADM Seagraves
ID: 669

Recent Stories

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12 June 2022

Children of the Empire

Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

‘Oshesh, this is madness-’ ‘No, Mother.’ Oshesh, daughter of Atumeht of the House of Wov’Sech, swelled with pride as she stared down the viewscreen. ‘This is what our people need. This is what you lack the courage and conviction to do. This is for the Empire.’ Across even all the tens [...]

27 May 2022

When The Top Brass Assemble

Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

“Good evening everyone.” Fleet Admiral Ramar’s voice was gruff as he entered the large wardroom dedicated to operations of the Fourth Fleet and marched to assume his seat at the head of the table. At once the assembled were silent. “Interrupting your evenings was not planned, but we have [...]

20 May 2022

Lose Your Chains

Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

After long years in the mines of Velorum Prime, the governor’s mansion on Psi Velorum III was blinding. It was not just the light, though Resak’s eyes strained against the brightness gleaming from every chandelier, beaming from every strip along the ceiling, streaming from every wall-height [...]

13 May 2022

Broken Sword

Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

‘They’re late.’ Captain Hargreaves drummed his fingers on the armrest of his command chair. All around him the bridge of the USS Caliburn was like a pot put on to simmer, gathering heat and steam but not bubbling. Not yet. ‘We can wait,’ he rumbled, letting his voice carry further than [...]