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Not Applicable-class • NONE • Fourth Fleet

The Fourth Fleet, colloquially known as Bravo Fleet, is one of the numbered fleets that make up Starfleet. Founded in response to the Borg incursions and rising Dominion threat of the 2360s and 70s, for much of the past two decades it has been assigned duties following the Federation’s non-interventionist policies since the Attack on Mars. Recently, however, the 4th Fleet has been repurposed for missions beyond the Federation’s territory and interests. With a highly specialised array of Task Forces, Bravo Fleet is dedicated to frontier defence, humanitarian support across borders, diplomatic engagement, and deep-space exploration.

This section serves as a repository for Stories and Missions that affect the whole Fleet. Here you can find Fleet-Wide Missions in which members have participated, and official stories advancing the narrative of Bravo Fleet from the Lore Office.

Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
Commander, Fourth Fleet
ID: 1356
Deputy Commander, Fourth Fleet
ID: 669
Director of Fourth Fleet Intelligence
ID: 1036
Chief of Staff, Fourth Fleet
ID: 837
Director of Fourth Fleet Operations
ID: 1759
Commandant, Fourth Fleet Academy
ID: 2374
Director of Fourth Fleet Engineering
ID: 1
Director of Fourth Fleet Communications
ID: 1679
Director of Fourth Fleet Security
ID: 2622
Fleet Judge Advocate, Fourth Fleet
ID: 2036
Deputy Chief of Staff, Fourth Fleet
ID: 2109
Deputy Director of Intelligence, Fourth Fleet
ID: 2121
Commander, Task Force 17
ID: 2063
Commander, Task Force 47
ID: 2121
Commander, Task Force 72
ID: 1759
Commander, Task Force 86
ID: 2545
Commander, Task Force 93
ID: 10
Deputy Commander, Task Force 17
ID: 2263
Deputy Commander, Task Force 47
ID: 2419
Deputy Commander, Task Force 72
ID: 2688
Deputy Commander, Task Force 86
ID: 2199
Deputy Commander, Task Force 93
ID: 2208

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20 February 2024

Continuing Support

Bravo Fleet Command: Task Force 93

Over the last few months since the end of the Lost Fleet invasion, the Verity had assisted many affected by the Dominion within the Deneb sector. The Verity was currently at the Pesak Repair Yards after spending the last week assisting the repair yards with repairs and supplies, things were [...]

10 February 2024

New Frontiers

Bravo Fleet Command: Task Force 17

“…and once I board the USS Discovery, I’ll officially be halfway there.”’ Captain Khim paused in her dictation, resisting the urge to play word association and break into song lyrics. “I’ve never been so glad to put Starbase 38 and the Delta Quadrant behind me. Waiting so long to hear [...]

3 February 2024

Interesting Times

Bravo Fleet Command: Task Force 47

Since its inception as Starfleet’s forward position inside the Thormar Expanse, Deep Space 47 had in its short lifespan transformed from an out-of-the-box starbase, stark and barren, into an emerging little hub of commerce and cultural exchange. It was still mostly anchored around supporting [...]

28 January 2024

Back to business

Bravo Fleet: We Are the Borg

Starbase 86 was less busy than usual. The ships were slowly returning from their sudden operation to find out what the Borg were up to when they appeared to be crossing their comfort zone. It created wide panic, as no one really knew what they were up to or the sudden interest. Overlooking the [...]