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Profile Overview

Liam Dahlgren

Human Cisgender Man

Character Information

Rank & Address

Admiral Dahlgren


Deputy Commander, Fourth Fleet
Bravo Fleet Command


Liam Vilhelm Dahlgren

November 16th, 2348 (Age 52)

San Francisco, Earth


Admiral Liam Dahlgren is a Starfleet flag officer currently serving within Fourth Fleet Command. Starting his career during the Dominion War as a helmsman, he attained his first command at age 30 and reached flag rank by age 44, which is reflective of not only his personal ambition but his success in achieving his goals. He is charming, personable, and extremely competent—but this belies a willingness to get down in the trenches to fight dirty; many of his colleagues have underestimated his talent for palace intrigue at their peril.

In 2396, Dahlgren earned his third star and became Director of Ninth Fleet Operations. Two years later, he became that fleet’s Deputy Commander. In 2400, he accepted a lateral shift to Deputy Commander of the Fourth Fleet, widely recognized as the most prestigious and wide-reaching fleet in Starfleet, for the chance to have wider influence in Starfleet and the Federation. Following the Sundered Wings Campaign in mid-2400, he was promoted to admiral.

Dahlgren has been married three times and has four children by his two ex-wives. He married his third spouse, and first husband, Marius Robinson-Dahlgren, a university professor, in 2394. His sons. Liam, (Born 2385, Age 15) and Elijah (Born 2387, Age 12), and twin daughters, Rose and Daisy (born 2390, Age 9), each live with their mothers.


At 182 centimeters tall and weighing 90 kilograms, Dahlgren is tall, muscular, and conventionally attractive. Though he is in his early fifties, his skincare regimen and exercise routine shave several years off of his apparent age for most people, something that he prides himself on. After all, his goal isn’t just to be the youngest fleet admiral in history, but to look the part as well.


A consummate politician, Admiral Dahlgren is as talented as he is ambitious, a rare match of circumstances. He is extremely popular with his subordinates and superiors, but among his equals, he is known for his ability to get down in the trenches to grapple with the realities of high office through a combination of favors, pressure, and networking. Dahlgren is quiet realistic about his virtues and vices, as well as his strengths and weaknesses. Both a vice and a weakness has been his ability to stay interested in his romantic relationships, as he has now been married three separate times. He is well aware that this is due to his personal ambition, as he will almost always put his duty to Starfleet before his family, but he feels as though he has struck a good balance with his husband, Marius, as they both have their own distinct careers and have enough of an age difference to have a need for independence anyway.


Early Life

Liam Dahlgren was born in Stockholm in 2348, the son of two career members of the Federation Diplomatic Corps, Oscar and Astrid. As his parents ascended to the higher echelons of their career path, they were often posted to different worlds from one another, while Dahlgren was left on Earth with his grandparents. He often spent a few months of the year during school holidays with them, though, and by the time he was in secondary school, he’d visited 16 Federation planets. While he enjoyed the visits, he was fascinated by the starships he was transported on, especially when a Starfleet vessel was tasked with the mission. During the early 2360s, he was often assigned a protective detail, and he began to bond with the officers assigned to guard him on his trips, which made him seriously consider joining Starfleet.

Dahlgren was always above-average in height and signed himself up for every sport available. He was popular and charismatic, but not exactly a serious student. With his parents blessing, he enrolled in the Starfleet Academy Preparatory Program, and it was a very rude awakening to the rigors of Starfleet service. He nearly washed out his first year, but he pushed himself as hard into his studies as he did into his athletics, earning his graduation with distinction and a place at Starfleet Academy in 2367.

Education & Early Career

Starfleet Academy

Liam Dahlregn entered Starfleet Academy in the same year that over 11,000 lives were lost at the hands of the Borg at Wolf 359. His entire class of cadets knew that they may one day also be called upon to defend the Federation, and this culture influenced Dahlgren’s decision to study astronautics—he wanted to be at the helm of a starship if that threat ever came back.

USS Dauntless

Dahlgren’s first posting out of Starfleet Academy was aboard the Galaxy-class explorer Dauntless, where he served from 2371 to 2376 as a flight control officer with increasing amounts of responsibility across that five-year assignment. Joining just before the Dominion War, Dahlgren had a scant few years to experience service aboard a Starfleet vessel in times of peace before being thrust into combat. Ambitious and talented, he received a promotion to lieutenant junior grade in just a year and became the youngest senior staff member on the Dauntless. 

USS Avenger

Starship Captain

USS Earhart

USS Athena

USS Ramilles

Flag Officer

Ninth Fleet

Fourth Fleet

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2367 - 2368 Astronautics Cadet Starfleet Academy, San Francisco
Cadet Freshman Grade
2368 - 2369 Astronautics Cadet Starfleet Academy, San Francisco
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2369 - 2370 Astronautics Cadet Starfleet Academy, San Francisco
Cadet Junior Grade
2370 - 2371 Astronautics Cadet Starfleet Academy, San Francisco
Cadet Senior Grade
2371 - 2372 Relief Flight Control Officer USS Dauntless (NCC-71879)
2372 - 2374 Chief Flight Control Officer USS Dauntless (NCC-71879)
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2374 - 2376 Chief Flight Control Officer USS Dauntless (NCC-71879)
2376 - 2378 Executive Officer USS Avenger (NCC-74206)
Lieutenant Commander
2378 - 2380 Commanding Officer USS Earhart (NCC-61941)
2380 - 2385 Commanding Officer USS Athena (NCC-74917)
2385 - 2394 Commanding Officer USS Ramillies (NCC-75512)
2390 - 2392 Commander Task Group 910
Fleet Captain
2392 - 2394 Commander Task Force 91
2394 - 2396 Commander Alpha Division, Ninth Fleet
Rear Admiral
2396 - 2398 Director of Operations Ninth Fleet
Vice Admiral
2398 - 2400 Deputy Commander Ninth Fleet
Vice Admiral
2400 Deputy Commander Fourth Fleet
Vice Admiral
2400 - Present Deputy Commander Fourth Fleet