Rear Admiral Alexander Beckett

Commodore Alexander Beckett (born February 6, 2346) is a Federation Starfleet officer currently serving as the Fourth Fleet’s Chief of Staff. An astrophysicist and science officer by training, Beckett showed his prowess as a leader in the Dominion War, before serving as a starship commander for over a decade. He has ever since remained entrenched as a staff officer concerned with galactic politics over Starfleet’s mission of adventure, focused upon the realpolitik of the Federation's challenges.


Once a respected astrophysicist and science officer, the Dominion War strongly changed the trajectory of Beckett’s career, catapulting him into starship command. He developed a particular reputation in the post-war years as a command officer on fraught borders; first the post-war Cardassian border, then the Klingon and Romulan borders before, during, and after the destruction of Romulus. In this time he became known for a hard-nosed, pragmatic approach to what he deemed the ‘realpolitik’ of the galactic balance. He was particularly commended for holding the line after Starfleet’s orders to deny the Romulan Empire aid, scrupulous in his assessment and support of fleeing refugees in adherence to Federation policy.

This loyalty, and his wide experience dealing with the major powers, saw him eventually assigned to the Fourth Fleet as it expands Starfleet’s reach back towards former areas of operations, serving as a hawkish presence in the senior staff.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Astrophysics OfficerUSS Horizon
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Astrophysics OfficerUSS Horizon
Chief Science OfficerUSS Melbourne
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Science Officer/Executive OfficerUSS Chimera
Commanding OfficerUSS Fearless
Commanding OfficerUSS Achilles
Chief of StaffFourth Fleet