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Profile Overview

Imya Jori

Trill (Unjoined) Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commodore Jori


Commander, Task Force 93
Bravo Fleet Command


Imya Jori

April 5, 2354 (age 47)



Commodore Imya Jori is the current Task Force 93 Commanding Officer


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Earlier Years

Imya Jori was born on the Trill homeworld on April 5, 2354, to Rosra and Ijen Jori. She has a younger brother named Tajir Jori who would later be joined by the Derohl symbiont. Growing up she was the quiet one while Tajir was more outgoing and rambunctious, sometimes getting into trouble in school. Her parents were both scientists at the Trill Science Ministry and worked long hours. She studied most of the time, and though her parents hoped she would follow down the science path, Imya had other plans as she had more of an interest in the engineering side of things.

She excelled in school, though she didn’t excel in making friends until later in her schooling she was fine with that. It wasn’t until she reached high school that she made a friend who shared her engineering passion. They would always be seen studying and building things together, during her senior year they were working on a huge project together when something went wrong and it backfired seriously injuring her friend who would later blame her for the accident. Their friendship ended, and though Jori was torn up she decided to move on, knowing that it wasn’t anyone’s fault that it was just a freak accident.

She had also applied to the Symbiont Commission, but her application was rejected after a physical showed a genetic condition much like her parents which would make joining deadly for both the host and Symbiont. Her brother on the other hand got lucky and didn’t have that condition as was able to be joined. She was devastated but realized that it would be alright and decided she wanted to join Starfleet.

After graduating at the top of her class, she decided to apply to Starfleet Academy. Though her parents were apprehensive about her decision as her brother also entered Starfleet, they hoped that one child would stay home. They supported her decision after realizing that it was something she wanted since she was little when they took their first trip to Risa for vacation. She finally got word that she was accepted, she packed her belongings and said her goodbyes. She boarded the transport that would take her to Starfleet Academy, San Fransisco campus.

Starfleet Career

Starfleet Academy (2372 – 2376)

While at the Academy she ran into her ex-friend who she still cared about but wouldn’t give her the time of day, instead would cause drama by telling lies to other students about her. She struggled to fit in, she just focused on her classes. She spent most of her time in her dorm where she had to herself as no one wanted to share a room with her due to the rumors that were spreading through the campus. She excelled in most of her classes while there were others she struggled with, it wasn’t until later on in her first year that she was assigned a roommate who would later become her friend and help her with the classes she was struggling with.

Jori continued through her years at the Academy excelling in each class with the help of her friend, taking advanced classes on top of her regular classes which kept her busy. During her last year of the Academy, they transferred her to the Academy located on Mellstoxx III. She was excited thinking that her friend would go with her but turned out she was not selected for the transfer. She packed up her belongings and said her goodbyes promising to stay in contact with her, she was then on the first transport heading to Mellstoxx III where she would finish out her last year in the top ten percent of her class.

USS Apache (2376 – 2380)
USS Adelaide (2380 – 2385)
USS Akira (2385 – 2390)
Deep Space 7 (2390- 2394)
USS Kingston (2394 – 2398)
USS Charleston (2398 –  2400)
Task Force 47 Executive Officer (2400)
Task Force 93 Commanding Officer (2400 – ????)

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2372 - 2373 Starfleet Cadet; Engineering Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2373 - 2374 Starfleet Cadet; Engineering Starfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2374 - 2375 Starfleet Cadet; Engineering Starfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
2375 - 2376 Starfleet Cadet; Engineering Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2376 - 2380 Engineering Officer USS Apache
2380 - 2385 Engineering Officer USS Adelaide
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2385 - 2390 Assistant Chief Engineering Officer USS Akira
2390 - 2394 Chief Engineering Officer Deep Space 7
Lieutenant Commander
2394 - 2398 Executive Officer USS Kingston
2398 - 2400 Commanding Officer USS Charleston
2400 Task Force Executive Officer Task Force 47
2400 - 2401 Task Force Commanding Officer Task Force 93
Fleet Captain
2401 - Present Task Force Commanding Officer Task Force 93