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Trevenan Williams

Human Male


Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Williams


Starbase 72


Trevenan Fredrick Williams


Elgatis Belt, Archanis Sector


Captain Trevenan Williams is a veteran of the Dominion War. Having commenced his career with Starfleet Security (before taking the Command career pathway) Trevenan Williams has served Bravo Fleet throughout several conflicts that have challenged the peace and stability of the United Federation.

A man forged in conflict, now dedicated to the furtherance of peace – Captain Williams most recently served as CO of the Obena – Class emissary – starship USS Artemis (NCC-83011) on its five-year mission of Diplomacy and Humanitarian support along the Former Demilitarized Zone – working with the Cardassian Union to counter the threats posed by the True Way and the New Marquis.

In 2401 – Captain Williams transferred to duty with Bravo Fleet Command and assumed the role of Executive Officer with Task Force 72.


Of mixed Cornish & Welsh heritage, it was unsurprising that Trevenan Williams was born to a family with a long history of mining – with both parents engaged in the Orbital Extractive Industry. Accordingly, Trevenan was raised on Elgatis Refinery and spent his formative years adapting to the harsh and often dangerous realities of life within the Elgatis Asteroid Belt and the wider Archanis Sector.

Trevenan aspired to be more than an Asteroid Miner and was painfully aware of the often – brutal realities of dwelling so close to Klingon space. Hence, he applied to join Starfleet and was accepted into Starfleet Academy. With an aptitude for physical education and risk – taking (the inevitable legacy of being a miner’s child) and a sound grounding in Applied Geology and Chemistry – Trevenan Williams found his stride as a Cadet and flourished at the Academy – opting to pursue a career through the Starfleet Security Faculty and graduating with a Commission as an Ensign in 2372

As fate would have it, this marked the commencement of War between the Klingon Empire and the Federation with the Empire’s annexation of his home in the Archanis Sector and young Ensign Williams experienced his first hard lesson in duty and service when he was assigned to the newly formed 4th Fleet and instead posted to the Saber – class Escort USS Kusanagi and deployed to serve in the Dominion War instead.

With the United Federation of Planets engages on multiple fronts against the Klingons, Cardassian Union & Dominion and even a Major incursion by the Borg at the Battle of Sector 001 – the Starfleet ideal of peaceful exploration, science and diplomacy seemed a distant concept as young Ensign Williams and the crew of the Kusanagi did their part to desperately stem the rising tide of War. Trevenan became one of the first generation of Starfleet personnel to undergo the formulative tactical training that would one day eventuate in what is known universally accepted as the Hazardous Situation Response Team doctrine.

With the USS Kusanagi suffering heavy – damage and having to return to Spacedock for major – repairs, Trevenan (newly promoted to the rank of Lt (Jg)), applied for a transfer to the Norway – class Light – Cruiser USS Kennedy to replace several crewmembers fallen in combat – serving as Chief Security Officer – despite his relatively young age. The attrition of Starfleet’s best and brightest making this sort of brevet – appointment an unfortunate (but commonplace) occurrence.

Trevenan Williams remained with the USS Kennedy through to the conclusion of the Dominion War and was determined to switch to a Command career – track, this he returned to the Academy to undertake Bridge Officer Conversion Training – re-qualifying as a Tactical Officer.

Lt (Sg) Williams was assigned as a Tactical Officer aboard the Akira – class Heavy Cruiser USS Ticonderoga. Initially a period of tenuous peace saw the USS Ticonderoga patrolling the borders of Federation Space as Trevenan slowly came to grips with his new role and began to put the horrors of the Dominion War behind him. Conflict, however, was to shatter this fragile peace as a brief, but bloody conflict erupted between the Federation and the Pakled and he was once again drawn into the crucible of War.

As a Lieutenant Commander, Trevenan progressed to serve as 2nd Officer and Chief Tactical Officer aboard the USS Ticonderoga and the remainder of his tour aboard was dedicated to the provision of humanitarian aid and peacekeeping operations during the dissolution of the Romulan Star Empire and subsequent destruction of Romulus.

By 2391, Trevenan had arisen to the rank of Commander and had attained the position of Executive Officer aboard the Sovereign – class Exploratory Cruiser USS Providence, hoping to finally realize his dream of becoming a true explorer, but once again was overshadowed by the relentlessness of War. This time Commander Williams and the crew of the Providence were enmeshed in the chaotic destruction of the Xavier Fleet Staryards by the Sovereignty of Kahless – barely escaping intact and joining with forces from the Klingon Empire during Operation: Gatecrasher, to wrest back control of those worlds invaded by the Sovereignty.

In 2396, Trevenan was promoted to the rank of Captain and finally received a command of his own – becoming the CO of the Emissary Obena- class USS Artemis – a prestigious command that saw Captain Williams and his crew finally realize his dream of ceding peace from ashes of War on a 5-year deployment to foster diplomatic relations and provide humanitarian aid along the Former Demilitarized Zone with the Cardassian Union.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2401 - Present Executive Officer - Task Force 72 Bravo Fleet Command
2396 - 2401 Commanding Officer USS Artemis - NCC-83011
2391 - 2396 Executive Officer USS Providence - NCC-73813
2380 - 2391 2nd Officer / Chief Tactical Officer USS Ticonderoga - NCC-69489
Lieutenant Commander
2377 - 2380 Chief Tactical Officer USS Ticonderoga - NCC-69489
2376 - 2377 Bridge Officer Conversion Training / Tactical Starfleet Academy
2375 - 2376 Chief Security Officer USS Kennedy - NCC-64921
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2373 - 2375 Security Officer USS Kusanagi - NCC-69212