Imya Jori's Rank Record

  • Promoted to Commodore

    • It’s time to recognise one of our leaders within our community for her valiant efforts and contributions to Bravo Fleet over the past year and a bit. She will be the second person to receive the promotion of Commodore this year - ladies and gents, I present to you Fleet Captain Imya Jori, aka Leah/AzrasD! Not only has she served time in grade (and a bit more), she has distinguished herself in our community in many aspects.

      Let us start with her leadership credentials. She was promoted to Fleet Captain on August 14th 2021 and was Task Force 93 Commanding Officer until December 1st 2021, she took a short break before returning to Bravo Fleet Command to help kick-start and build our newest addition: Task Force 47 as its Executive Officer on April 9th 2022. Working extremely well with her TFCO, Leah went on to develop a strong little community within our greater community in a short amount of time. Together they placed Task Force 47 on the map which would furthermore help them later on. While Task Force Executive Officer, Leah was responsible for supporting many of the recruits and members as they joined not just Task Force 47, but Bravo Fleet as well. Showing them what we offer them, not only was she encouraging them along but also working hard to facilitate as many medals, awards and promotions as the OCS could offer! It was no surprise that when the third Fleet Action, Sundered Wings, took place that Task Force 47 was crowned the winning Task Force! Leah, along with McGig, worked extremely hard in hyping up the Fleet Action in the Task Force 47 lounge and across many other areas of the BF Discord server. Remaining as Task Force 47’s Executive Officer for almost seven months, it is without question that the strong teamwork and leadership that Leah established with McGig has ensured that Task Force 47 will remain a constant in Bravo Fleet. When the time came for a new TFCO needed in Task Force 93, having her return to her old stomping ground was a smooth transition. Leah became Task Force 93 Commanding Officer, again, on 2nd December 2022 and has continued to be a powerhouse of leadership in Task Force 93. Her constant encouragement of her fellow players in the Blood Dilitihum Campaign is just a great example showing how amazing she is at this job and how much she loves being in our community.

      Leah’s work does not only just cover leadership but her own awards that recognise her activity during her Fleet Captain tenure show off just how much she puts in. Only a month after her promotion, Leah received the Rachel Garret Order of Heroism for her impressive range of work particularly during the Fleet Action: Echoes of T’kon. Then three months later, she was awarded her first Star for Distinguished Service, for her range of fiction writing for the USS Vesta and USS Saratoga as well as her involvement across multiple Role-Playing Games, including Starbase Bravo, Endeavour NX-06 and the USS Aquarius. Her second Star for Distinguished Service was awarded in April 2022, among her writing as well as gaming activities she showed her continued efforts in supporting new members by receiving the Expeditionary Award. A month later and she was awarded the Star Cross, again her efforts as TF47XO were recognised, along with her writing and leading a gaming night. She then went on to participate in seventy-five per cent of the competitions on offer from Sundered Wings, wrote over twenty-eight thousand and five hundred words and took third place. This, along with lots of other activities, earned her the Jonathan Archer Order of Merit on July 21st 2022. Once again, another three months later and she is awarded another Star for Distinguished Service, for her consistent activity including competition participation and creation. This was her final award as TF47 Executive Officer. Since then as TF93CO, she led the charge for her unit during the Blood Diliithum Campaign receiving seventy-one service ribbons (that’s over 10,650 words) and two duty ribbons (for Starbase Bravo). Furthermore, she entered thirteen competitions and created two, ‘Delta Quadrant Dilemma’ and ‘Lions, Tigers, and Devore; Oh My!’ To add onto this she has won three Action Medals with Comet Clusters and one Action Medal with Moon Cluster for coming second in the competition: 'Story Posters of Operation Blood Dilithium - Medium'.

      Leah without a doubt deserves to receive this promotion for everything she has done for the members of Bravo Fleet. She is consistent, hard-working, and get’s what it takes to make our community the amazing place it is. We want to thank Leah for her dedication and this seems to be a fitting way to recognise all that she has done in the past year and a bit more!

      Congratulations Commodore Imya Jori, welcome to the admiral’s bar!
    • Leah's time with Task Force 47 was an absolute highlight for me! I couldn't have asked for a better partner in helping to set up a brand new task force within Bravo Fleet. Leah's attention to detail, monitoring of activity and gentle reminders helped in so many fantastic ways! She brought with her a fantastic wealth of experience as a former TFCO and it really did help shape TF47! She was engaged with our members, constantly reaching out to help guide new members or touch base with the old hands. She was an ever-present voice in the TF47 lounge, and I just know she's the same now in the TF93 lounge. When Leah was asked to take the reigns back over at TF93 I was excited for her and TF93. Her engagement and presence within the Bravo Fleet community, from task force to the wider group, is felt throughout. She's keen to get stuck in with the campaigns and fleet actions, organises game nights (extremely suspiciously I might add!), engages with competitions and brings her own to the mix. Leah epitomises what it means to be a Bravo Fleet member and frankly, this promotion is well deserved! Congratulations Leah!
    19 December 2022
  • Promoted to Fleet Captain

    • Battlefield promotion for Phase I of Fleet Action II: The Echoes of the Tkon!
    14 August 2021
  • Promoted to Captain

    • Since the relaunch of Bravo Fleet in April 2020, few members have been as active as Leah. One look at her dossier and you can easily see the awards she has racked up. Since her last promotion in July, she has continued to be a powerhouse of activity in all facets of the fleet as evidenced by her recent Christopher Pike Medal of Valor. In that time she has also racked up two Silver Palms and served as a member of the Appeals Panel during the first Magistrate case since bringing the judicial system back to Bravo Fleet. Aside from her general activity, she also served as the Dean of Cadets for several months helping to bring in new members, acclimate them with Bravo Fleet, and answer all of their questions which was nearly a full time job! Recently she swapped over to TF93CO, and has shown no signs of slowing down. For all her hard work and dedication, I’m happy to promote Leah to the rank of captain!

      — FAdm Teylas Ramar, BFCO

    02 January 2021
  • Promoted to Commander

    • I am pleased to recommend Shelley for promotion from Lieutenant Commander to Commander, based on her exceptional activity over the first few months of the new model and because of her service to the wider community. One would be hard-pressed to find another member in Bravo Fleet that has matched the sheer volume of her activity (37 Legions of Merit and 55 Service Ribbons) on top of department service in the Magistrate’s Office, the Internet Office, and the Communications Office. As Task Force 9 Chief of Staff, she has taken quickly to the activity monitoring duties she has been assigned and has been doing a good job with being a friendly, welcoming presence to new members on Discord. Because of her service and for meeting time in grade, I’m recommending this promotion.

    11 July 2020
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

    07 April 2020