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Profile Overview

Created by Midjourney

Theo Barrington

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Barrington


Theo Myles Barrington




Known as ‘Titch’ in his family, Theo towers over them at 6’2” and is always called into service for fetching objects from higher shelves. A somewhat reserved character most of the time, this is reflected in Theo’s manner of dress, which is the opposite of flash. When out of uniform, he prefers the smarter side of casual, often seen in shirts / turtlenecks and smart trousers.


In terms of physical fitness, Theo keeps himself in top shape with a consistent regime of weight lifting, running, and kickboxing, which is aided by his high metabolism. Despite his preference for a reserved demeanour, he is skilled in martial arts and marksmanship and is not afraid to use violence if the situation calls for it.


Created by Midjourney

Theo Barrington


Theo can come across as reserved and taciturn in most interactions, but he simply prefers to talk when he has something to say rather than fill the air with chatter. However, with friends, he is very social and open, which can come as a surprise to people not used to the two sides of his nature.

He has a dry sense of humour, which can catch people unawares as can the fact that, in what spare time he has (and if hololinks allow) he sings with a rock band.