USS Polaris (NCC-80001)

While research and development activities typically occur on starbases and outposts within Federation territory, sometimes the greatest discoveries are made amongst the stars. This is the mission of the Polaris Squadron.


Odyssey-class • NCC-80001

Polaris Squadron, under the command of Fleet Admiral Allison Reyes, is a mission unit associated with Bravo Fleet Command that principally supports the work of the Advanced Science, Technology and Research Activity (ASTRA), a specialized, cross-functional unit intended to fuel Starfleet’s innovation engine through discovery, investigations and interactions on the frontier. Polaris Squadron also provides rapid response for critical non-traditional events, from biological threats to spacetime anomalies, where the experience of ASTRA’s scientists, engineers and analysts are particularly suited.

The USS Polaris is an Odyssey-class heavy explorer that serves as the flagship of Polaris Squadron and home of the Advanced Science, Technology and Research Activity. The Polaris is equipped with cutting edge laboratories, sensor suites, and analysis cores that give it near-parity with top-of-the-line R&D facilities, while having a degree of mobility such facilities do not have.  It is also well appointed for frontier diplomatic duties, but it has some tactical drawbacks due to its size and purpose that are augmented by Polaris Squadron’s other vessels.

The stories of Polaris Squadron are rated 2-2-2 for mature subject matter, including violence, language and sexual content.

Crew Manifest

  • Allison Reyes

    Squadron Commanding Officer
    ASTRA Director

  • Gérard Devreux

    Squadron Executive Officer
    Commanding Officer

  • Jake Lewis

    Squadron Intelligence Officer
    USS Serenity Commanding Officer

  • Dorian Vox

    Squadron Strategic Ops Officer
    USS Diligent Commanding Officer

  • Cora Lee

    Squadron Engineering Officer
    USS Ingenuity Commanding Officer

  • Robert Drake

    Squadron JAG Officer

  • Luke Lockwood, Ph.D.

    Squadron Science Officer
    ASTRA Lead, Astrophysical & Exotic Sciences

  • Lisa Hall, Ph.D.

    Squadron Counseling Officer
    ASTRA Lead, Cultural & Psychological Research

  • James Henderson, M.D., M.P.H.

    Squadron Medical Officer
    ASTRA Lead, Medical & Biological Sciences

  • Alex Grayson

    Commander, Archanis Sector Operations
    Archanis Station

  • Elsie Drake

    Station Commander
    Archanis Station

  • Michael Drake

    Charge d'affaires, Archanis Diplomatic Mission
    Archanis Station

  • Tom Brooks, Ph.D.

    ASTRA Research Fellow, Temporal Mechanics

  • Syleth Sh'vot

    ASTRA Research Fellow, Geophysics
    USS Ingenuity Chief Science Officer

  • Akil al-Qadir

    ASTRA Staff Researcher, Particle Physics

  • Emilia Balan

    ASTRA Staff Researcher, Cultural Affairs
    Diplomatic and Cultural Affairs Officer

  • Ayala Shafir

    Intelligence & Computer Systems Specialist
    Hazard Team Member

  • Elyssia Rel

    Flight Control Officer
    Hazard Team Member

  • Terok

    Forensic Medical Examiner
    Office of the Squadron JAG

  • Kel'don

    Office of the Squadron JAG

  • Geoff Morrey

    Senior Crime Scene Investigator
    Office of the Squadron JAG

  • Ekkomas Eidran

    USS Serenity Executive Officer

  • Irina Tarasova

    USS Serenity Chief Security and Tactical Officer

  • Selik

    USS Serenity Chief Flight Control Officer

  • Sherrod Allen

    USS Ingenuity Executive Officer

  • Krer Feyir

    USS Serenity Chief Medical Officer

  • Rafael Cruz

    USS Ingenuity Chief Security & Tactical Officer

  • Kellan Seltzer

    USS Ingenuity Chief Operations Officer

  • Aria Edir

    Retired Flag Officer

  • Imya Jori

    Task Force 93 Commanding Officer
    USS Verity Commanding Officer

  • Eleazar Adler

    Senior Preliminary Hearing Officer
    Fourth Fleet JAG Corps

  • T'Aer

    Private Contractor
    Sebold Logistics

  • Grok

    Private Contractor
    Sebold Logistics

  • Brock Jordan

    Deceased; Formerly
    Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer
    Hazard Team Deputy Lead

  • Jace Morgan

    Deceased; Formerly
    Operations Officer
    Hazard Team Member

  • Ryssehl Th'zathol

    Deceased; Formerly
    Private Contractor & CEO
    Sebold Logistics

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20 May 2024

Expeditiously and Judiciously

USS Polaris: Reverberations and Ramifications

The distance separating them was far more than the table between them. In fact, never had they been further apart. The impending case against Captain Lewis and Dr. Hall had chilled the once-close relationship between Allison Reyes and Robert Drake. Now, as the unflappable admiral and the incisive [...]

17 May 2024

Away from Shadows Past

USS Polaris: Reverberations and Ramifications

“Dr. Brooks, I wasn’t expecting you,” Commander Cora Lee smiled as the physicist stepped onto the bridge of the USS Ingenuity. “I figured you’d be aboard Serenity.” “I signed up with a man who’s now in the brig,” Dr. Brooks frowned. “And I’d rather not catch an assault charge [...]

3 April 2024

Transfer of Command

USS Polaris: Reverberations and Ramifications

“Sir, you need to see this,” Lieutenant Irina Tarasova said, her voice uncustomarily frazzled as she approached the center island with a PADD in her hand. “Latest orders from the Polaris.” Lieutenant Commander Ekkomas Eidran accepted the PADD, and as he read it, a look of shock washed [...]

1 April 2024

When Payment Comes Due (Part 2)

USS Polaris: Reverberations and Ramifications

The PADD felt heavy in her hands. As much as she disagreed with its contents, Fleet Admiral Allison Reyes had no choice but to go along with it for now. The heroes of Nasera would be tried for the crime of doing what was necessary. Or at least those who were still alive would be. This was not what [...]