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USS Polaris (NCC-80001)


All we known is still infinitely less than all that remains unknown.
~ William Harvey

While research and development activities are traditionally conducted from starbases and outposts within the Federation’s core territories, not all research occurs within a lab. Sometimes, the greatest discoveries are made amongst the stars. The USS Polaris is an acknowledgement of this, a mobile research platform hosting not just a few science officers but an entire specialized, cross-functional agency known as the Advanced Science, Technology and Research Activity (ASTRA) that fuels Starfleet’s innovation engine through exploration of strange new works, interactions and negotiations with alien species, and crisis response to some of the stranger realities on the rim of known space.

USS Polaris



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19 July 2021

Something Awry with Subspace

USS Polaris: A Place Removed from Space

A dramatic shift in momentum launched Captain Devreux out of the captain’s chair and onto the floor, the inertial dampeners unable to keep up with the unexpected deceleration of the Polaris’ warp field collapsing. As he pulled himself back to his feet, he glanced quickly around the [...]