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Profile Overview


Vulcan Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Civilian T'Aer


Private Contractor
Sebold Logistics


T’Aer is a skilled sniper and infiltrator at Sebold Logistics, a private outfit that renders services to Starfleet Intelligence, the Fenris Rangers, and others. Descended from V’tosh ka’tur rehabilitated at Ankeshtan K’til, she grew up a divergent child, straddling the teachings of Surak at school and those who disavowed it at home. Later on in life, after she’d taken a commission with Starfleet, this duality made her a prime candidate for undercover work within the Romulan Empire. While on Romulus in the 2370s and 2380s, she developed a sense of appreciation for the Romulans, and when Starfleet abandoned them in their darkest hours, she could never forgive them. She resigned her commission in protest and set out on her own, eventually finding her way to Sebold Logistics with the promise that they could do something to better the plight of those that Starfleet had turned its back on.


Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2389 - Present Private Contractor Sebold Logistics
2379 - 2389 Undercover Agent
(Romulan Empire)
Starfleet Intelligence
2373 - 2379 Undercover Agent
(Romulan Empire)
Starfleet Intelligence
Lieutenant Commander
2369 - 2373 Assistant Chief Security Officer USS Ashland
2364 - 2369 Security Investigations Officer Starbase 12
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2359 - 2364 Security Investigations Officer Palais de la Concordia
2357 - 2359 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2355 - 2357 Trainee Vulcan Institute for Defensive Arts
2352 - 2355 Student Shirkar Academy