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USS Pacific Palisades (NCC-75577)

USS Pacific Palisades

California-class • NCC-75577 • Fourth Fleet

The USS Pacific Palisades is a California-class utility cruiser attached to Archanis Station in order to support the attached Corps of Engineering detachment in their efforts to rebuild infrastructure and rejuvenate the sector.

The stories of Polaris Squadron are rated 2-2-2 for mature subject matter, including violence, language and sexual content.

Polaris Advanced Research Squadron

Polaris Squadron is a mission unit under the command of Fleet Admiral Allison Reyes, Director of the Advanced Science, Technology and Research Activity, and Rear Admiral Alex Grayson, Commander of Archanis Sector Operations, that operates under the dual mandate:

  1. Through the Advanced Science, Technology and Research Activity (ASTRA),
    fuel Starfleet’s innovation engine through discovery, investigations and interactions on the frontier.
  2. Under the Archanis Sector Operations Command,
    revitalize the Archanis Sector through infrastructure investments and regional diplomacy.

The flagship of Polaris Squadron is the USS Polaris, an Odyssey-class heavy explorer that hosts the Advanced Science, Technology and Research Activity, and the headquarters of Polaris Squadron is Archanis Station, a Canopus-class starbase from whence sector operations of the Archanis Sector are managed.

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Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
Commanding Officer
ID: 1
Detachment Commander, Archanis Corps of Engineering
ID: 1
Deputy Chief of Construction, Communications & Information Systems
Archanis Sector Corps of Engineers
ID: 1
Squadron Commander, Polaris Squadron
ID: 1
Sector Commander, Archanis Operations
ID: 1