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Profile Overview

Jordyn Kerrigan

Human Cisgender Female


Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Kerrigan


Executive Officer
USS Diligent


Jordyn Kerrigan



Commander Jordyn Kerrigan is the Executive Officer of the USS Diligent. A scrappy tactician who spent most of her career as a Tactical Officer aboard corvettes and frigates assigned to borderlands patrol duties, she is most at home in high paced and high stress engagements. When she made the transition to Command, her first Executive Officer appointment was aboard an Olympic-class medical ship, but she couldn’t take the boredom and rote nature of the posting. When she applied for a transfer, she was picked up by Captain Vox, who was seeking an Executive Officer for the tactical interdictor assigned to support Polaris Squadron. Kerrigan seized on the opportunity at once.