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USS Arcturus

Odyssey-class • NCC-84000 • Fourth Fleet

The starship Arcturus bears the legacy of the vaunted Galaxy-class explorers that came before her as the ultimate expression of the maximalist design principles of the Utopia Planitia Design School. One of the newest of the Odyssey-class heavy explorers, Arcturus entered service in 2399 with hardened and redundant deep space exploration equipment to prepare her for a long mission in the Delta Quadrant under Commodore Elizabeth Hayden. That mission only lasted a few months before Arcturus was called back to serve against the Breen in the Alpha Quadrant, then came the Klingons at Arcanis in the Beta Quadrant, followed by the ancient mystery left by the T’Kon back in the Delta Quadrant. The next year, she was at the front lines of the Stormbreaker Campaign, the Sundered Wings Campaign, and the Blood Dilithium Campaign. A ship designed after the Dominion War to herald in a new era of peaceful exploration, Arcturus has spent most of her service life with the Fourth Fleet as a bulwark against the forces that lurk in dark corners of the galaxy.

Now in 2401, with the Lost Fleet Campaign behind her and her captain now elevated to the rank of fleet captain, Arcturus remains to hold the line along with her squadron. With a diverse and exceptional crew, the story of the Arcturus is one of ingenuity, camaraderie, and love overcoming the worst instincts of the galaxy. To paraphrase the ship’s dedication quote: fate may have some ideas for us, but where we go is up to us.

Command History

Commodore Elizabeth Hayden (December 2398–March 2399)
Captain/Fleet Captain Michael Lancaster (March 2399–Present)

Stories associated with this command may include up to the equivalent of a 222 on the RPG ratings scale, and are intended for mature audiences.

A note on the manifest: Arcturus operates with a larger operational crew than other Odyssey-class starships to support a four-shift rotation and reduce crew fatigue on long journeys. Because of this, her organizational structure differs from other large starships. The division heads (Senior Officer of the Watch, Chief Science Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Captain of Engineering, Captain of Medicine, and Strategic Operations Officer) are considered the core senior staff. All of the department heads report to one of the division heads.

Arcturus Wayfinding Squadron

Arcturus Wayfinding Squadron is an elite exploratory unit that specializes in finding new ways forward for Starfleet, both in a literal navigational sense and through diplomatic overtures to secure routes out into deep space.

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12 March 2024

03. Physician Heal Thyself

USS Arcturus: All Hands, Bury the Dead

In 2385, Luca Sheppard was a second-year nursing student at Starfleet Academy. Right at the end of his second year, the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards were destroyed by the rogue synth attack and Mars was set ablaze. Sheppard and his fellow cadets were pressed into emergency service as orderlies as [...]

12 March 2024

02. Breaking Point

USS Arcturus: All Hands, Bury the Dead

Arcturus held her position at the outer edge of the debris field left from the ill-fated Outpost C-91, a brand-new station that had been shattered into a hundred thousand fragments alongside the starships Rocinante and McCoy over a week prior. A remote border post, C-91 had been intended to make [...]

12 March 2024

01. Fleet Captain's Log

USS Arcturus: All Hands, Bury the Dead

Fleet Captain Michael Lancaster’s Personal Log, Stardate 2401.8 During my time in command of Arcturus, I have been remarkably lucky. Through numerous battles, I have only lost seventeen crew members. Given our average crew levels reaching up to 2,500, this is a casualty rate of only 0.68%, which [...]

15 February 2024

03. Ready Room

USS Arcturus: Refresh

After two laps around the widest part of the ship, Captain Lancaster was physically exhausted. His mind was also abuzz with an unusual encounter with his yeoman. Lancaster exhaled when Kaplan had passed through the ready room doors into the vestibule, but his ears perked up when he heard Kaplan say [...]