Odyssey-class • NCC-84000 • Starbase Bravo

Arcturus is one of Starfleet’s newest and largest explorers. An Odyssey-class starship built with endurance enhancements to lead long-distance missions, she has seen service in the Alpha, Beta, and Delta quadrants. She has been the flagship of Arcturus Squadron since her commissioning in 2399, first under Rear Admiral Elizabeth Hayden and now under Commodore Brett Logan.

Command History

Commodore Elizabeth Hayden (December 2398–March 2399)
Captain Michael Lancaster (March 2399–Present)

Starships to Bear the Name Arcturus

USS Arcturus (NCC-1807), Constitution-class
Commissioned 2269 | Decommissioned 2300

USS Arcturus (NCC-49801), Ambassador-class
Commissioned 2341 | Decommissioned 2397

USS Arcturus (NCC-84000), Odyssey-class
Commissioned 2399

Stories associated with this command may include up to the equivalent of a 222 on the RPG ratings scale, and are intended for mature audiences.

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7 March 2023

Not a Blank Slate

USS Arcturus: Tabula Rasa

Alesser joined the New Year’s party in progress at around 2300 hours. He’d always enjoyed the catharsis that came with the ticking over of that fourth digit on the stardate, especially with the Human traditions that came with it: overindulgence immediately preceding a quest for penance. The [...]

10 January 2023

Captain's Table

USS Arcturus: Tabula Rasa

New Year’s Eve on Arcturus had come to be associated with the ship’s birthday. Commissioned just after the start of 2399, the ship and her crew had spent just about two years in service as the sun began to set on 2400 and usher in 2401. This particular event was set to be exceptionally [...]

30 December 2022

Blank Slate

USS Arcturus: Tabula Rasa

Amber warning beacons flashed softly along the edges of the kilometer-long hull of Arcturus, reminding local traffic of the massive disruption to local traffic patterns that she presented while docked to Deep Space 17. With her bow airlock mated to the docking ring, she stuck out quite literally to [...]

16 November 2022

Chapter 1

USS Arcturus: Eyes in the Dark

After detaching from Arcturus, Hokule’a made a graceful loop to arc towards the surface of Omicron Uhurae III, her inactive nacelles tucked up against her wedge-shaped hull in preparation for landing. Scans of the iridescent and hazy blue world had discovered large quantities of blood dilithium, [...]