Ensign Cooper Robinson

Born in Canada, Robinson is one of the many young officers who works in the administrative offices of Starbase 38, often serving as a personal yeoman to the station's most senior officers. On the job, he is professional with superiors but can often verge into sarcasm with his peers and he has a certain degree of smugness about working in operations, though in private he's often much introverted.


Early Life (2376-2394)

Cooper Robinson was born during one of the coldest Novembers on record in Ontario on Earth, a year after the Dominion War ended. The youngest of six brothers, he grew up on the family orchard outside of Toronto, a sprawling stand of apple trees nestled between vast, rolling fields of corn. Though he was always just in sight of the looming arcologies and skyscrapers of the city on the edge of the horizon, he came of age spending the vast majority of his time outside, either helping with farm chores or just playing with his brothers in the orchard. Given that he was the youngest, Robinson found himself often to be a hanger-on or an afterthought at most to their adventures, but he was doted upon by his parents. His mother was Québecoise, so he grew up with an even greater appreciation for being bilingual than most Canadians did, being fluent in both French and English by the time he was done with primary school. All five of his brothers ended up

In high school, Robinson followed in his brothers’ footsteps and played on both the hockey and lacrosse teams. While he shared their natural athleticism, he had begun to resent always being in their shadow and so attempted to branch out and break from their example.