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USS Antares (NCC-74601)

USS Antares

Intrepid-class • NCC-74601 • Fourth Fleet

After completing her mid-life refit, the Antares once again strikes out into the universe. Now a part of Arcturus Squadron, this Intrepid-class starship is under the command of Captain Noah Armstrong.

Arcturus Wayfinding Squadron

Arcturus Wayfinding Squadron is an elite exploratory unit that specializes in finding new ways forward for Starfleet, both in a literal navigational sense and through diplomatic overtures to secure routes out into deep space.

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27 January 2023

05 — Scientific Plans

USS Antares: First Steps

After a day at warp eight, Antares was still more than five light-years and two days of travel away from Omega Termini. At that range, the ship’s own long-range sensors were able to get a better picture of the system than the Daren Array was able to provide, and nothing they were picking up was [...]

20 January 2023

04 — Interacting with the Carbon Units

USS Antares: First Steps

“Does he get that I’m a psychiatrist, not a morale officer?” Lieutenant Burke complained, absently tracing paths with the pads of his fingertips across the bare skin of Lieutenant Andrews’s bare chest. Captain Armstrong had ordered him to arrange a morale-boosting event for the crew, and [...]

19 January 2023

03 — Hidden Capabilities

USS Antares: First Steps

Captain’s Log, Supplemental. Antares remains on course to Omega Termini along with Commander Detrama’s warbird. I have reviewed the dossiers forwarded by Starfleet Command, and I find myself with more questions than answers about this mission. By all accounts, Detrama is neither an explorer nor [...]

18 January 2023

02 - Charting a Course

USS Antares: First Steps

While Commander Pierce oversaw their scientific mission, Captain Armstrong had been ensconced in his ready room to continue planning for their initial sojourn into the Talvath Cluster. His prior assignment commanding a Parliament-class utility vessel had largely meant following orders closely and [...]