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Profile Overview

Hertane Tenesh

Orion Female

Character Information


Sr. Asst. Chief Medical Officer
USS Arcturus




Hertane Tenesh



Originally born on Qo’Nos, Dr. Tenesh is highly experienced at treating a diverse range of species, which is why she was selected to join the Arcturus‘s long-range mission into the Delta Quadrant. While she holds provisional Starfleet rank, she spent the majority of her career as a civilian specialist, and as such, she is relatively disinterested in Starfleet regulations or constraints on her medical decision.


Federation records do not include a full accounting of Hertane Tenesh’s history before joining Starfleet, but she attended the University of Orion’s medical school just before the Dominion War, and then spent more than twenty years as an itinerant physician, with time spent on all manner of private vessels, stations, and colonies in both Klingon and Federation space. During this time, she published extensively in multiple medical journals, rather unusually for a traveling doctor.

In 2395, citing a desire to have a little more stability in her life, she approached the commanding officer of Starbase 4 to offer her services as a highly regarded xenomedicine specialist. She was given the provisional rank of Lieutenant Commander and served for four years in this role. With the USS Arcturus preparing to depart for the Delta Quadrant, Starfleet Medical persuaded her to join the crew, with an increase of her provisional rank to Commander. She was assigned as one of the two Assistant Chief Medical Officers, with her provisional authority limited to medical decisions. This suited her just fine, though, as she had no real interest in participating in the mundane affairs of a starship, but she was admittedly intrigued by the idea of meeting never before seen species on the other side of the galaxy.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2370 - 2373 Medical Student Orion University
2373 - 2395 Physician Private Itinerant Practice
2395 - 2399 Medical Officer Starbase 4
Lieutenant Commander
2399 - Present 1st Assistant Chief Medical Officer USS Arcturus