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Profile Overview

Miss Nomer

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Chief Petty Officer Miss Nomer


Plowman's Tap Manager
USS Arcturus


Alejandro Miss Nomer Garcia



Miss Nomer (the stage persona of Alejandro Garcia) is the manager of the Plowman’s Tap lounge aboard the Arcturus. Funny, sarcastic, and highly observant, she runs her lounge with an iron fist, being quick to call people out for poor behavior regardless of their rank or position. Her personal style is over-the-top, and she frequently shifts between different fashion eras depending on her mood. On Fridays, she organizes drag performances in the lounge, sometimes just cabaret numbers she performs solo and sometimes elaborate drag revues. As with many drag performers, she uses feminine pronouns in drag and masculine pronouns out of drag. Before becoming a performer, he reached the rank of Chief Petty Officer in Starfleet, with a specialty in security, and so her rank is not honorary.


Alejandro Garcia was born in Tycho City on Luna in 2350. While life is generally comfortable for every citizen in the Federation, life on Earth’s moon is not particularly exciting. Garcia was an energetic, curious child who couldn’t wait to see the wider galaxy. He enlisted in Starfleet the day of his 18th birthday in 2368, going through the standard enlisted training program at a facility located on Luna itself. After 18 months of training, he was posted to the USS Bondi, a New Orleans-class frigate. While his first few years aboard the ship were quiet, the Bondi was assigned to major combat operations throughout the Dominion War, and he was sent on away teams several times to defend areas against the Cardassians and Jem’Hadar. While the Bondi fared better than many other ships, it still suffered significant casualties during the war, and Garcia lost numerous friends in combat. He steadily rose up the ranks until by 2379 he had become Master-At-Arms aboard the Bondi, training and supervising other enlisted security officers as a Chief Petty Officer.

The Bondi was assigned to Admiral Picard’s rescue armada in the 2380s, and was thankfully out of the Sol system during the 2385 Attack on Mars. When the Federation canceled the evacuation in response, Garcia resigned his commission, feeling that the Federation had betrayed its Dominion War allies by leaving them to die.  Rather than returning to Luna, Garcia settled in San Francisco, trying to figure out what to do with his life after spending 17 years in Starfleet. While he’d always been aware of drag, it wasn’t until he discovered the drag community in San Francisco that he developed an interest in performing himself. He found it to be an incredible outlet to express himself, and it became a vehicle for him to work through some long-standing post-traumatic stress issues he had been avoiding dealing with.

With the stage name Miss Nomer, referring to how foolish it would be to make assumptions about him based on his history, his looks, or his performances, he became a fixture of the drag community in San Francisco. In 2390, he opened a cabaret lounge of his own, called Nome Sweet Nome. This was patronized in the mid-2390s by Michael Lancaster, Luca Sheppard, Jack van Dorland, and Austin Carver, four friends who would eventually go on to serve aboard the Arcturus. Lancaster, while working for the Delta Exploration Initiative, was working on bringing together a crew roster for a long-range exploration mission, which led to occasional snippets of information finding their way to Garcia. While he was satisfied with his decision to leave Starfleet, he also realized that he never really got to go on that big adventure, with the war and the evacuation getting in the way.

In 2398, Garcia requested to join the Arcturus and run a lounge there, with the condition that he retain full creative control of the space. Lancaster approved the request, on the condition that Garcia re-enlist, and so Garcia resumed his previous rank of Chief Petty Officer. He joined the ship while it was still in the final stages of construction in late 2398, where he claimed the forward lounge as his own, running it as Miss Nomer rather than as his uniformed male persona. He named it the Plowman’s Tap after the name of the constellation Arcturus is a part of: the plowman, enjoying the slight innuendo it suggested. He also created a painting that prominently featured a statuesque plowman to put behind the bar. His lounge is one of the most popular on the ship, and it’s also the only one run by an organic being.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2368 Security Trainee Starfleet Enlisted Training Facility, Luna
Crewman Recruit
2368 - 2369 Security Trainee Starfleet Enlisted Training Facility, Luna
Crewman Apprentice
2369 - 2370 Security Specialist USS Bondi
2370 - 2372 Security Specialist USS Bondi
Petty Officer 3rd Class
2372 - 2374 Security Specialist USS Bondi
Petty Officer 2nd Class
2374 - 2379 Security Specialist USS Bondi
Petty Officer 1st Class
2379 - 2385 Master-at-Arms USS Bondi
Chief Petty Officer
2385 - 2398 Hiatus Earth
2398 - Present Lounge Manager USS Arcturus
Chief Petty Officer