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Profile Overview

Matarna Al-Noom

Aurelian Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Al-Noom


Head of Archival Services
USS Arcturus


Matarna Al-Noom



Matarna Al-Noom is a respected Federation historian. After a distinguished eighty-year career with the Federation Archival Service, Al-Noom joined Starfleet and was assigned to the Starfleet Archives facility in San Francisco, where he served for many decades. The Arcturus is his first exploratory assignment, one he took out of a desire for a change of pace. Al-Noom’s is provisional, and he wears a modified Starfleet uniform that resembles a pair of overalls.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2302 - 2310 Junior Researcher Memory Beta
2310 - 2325 Researcher Memory Beta
2325 - 2330 Assistant Curator of Archaeology Memory Beta
2330 - 2351 Associate Curator of Archaeology Memory Alpha
2351 - 2379 Curator of Federation Personnel Records Memory Alpha
2379 - 2399 Curator of Flag Officer Archives Starfleet Archives
2399 - Present Head of Archival Services USS Arcturus
Lieutenant Commander