USS Apollo

Duderstadt-class • NCC-90769 • Fourth Fleet

A new Duderstadt-class light cruiser, the Apollo is a forward reconnaissance vessel assigned to the Fourth Fleet’s Arcturus Squadron. Succeeding an earlier Rhode Island-class starship in 2401, this vessel brings advanced sensors and stalwart tactical capabilities to the edge of Federation space.

Content on this command may reach up to a 222 rating on the RPG Rating Scale, so reader discretion is advised. Note: stories posted before April 2023 were written for the previous vessel to bear the name.

Arcturus Wayfinding Squadron

Arcturus Wayfinding Squadron is an elite exploratory unit that specializes in finding new ways forward for Starfleet, both in a literal navigational sense and through diplomatic overtures to secure routes out into deep space.

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3 January 2024

1. Changes

USS Apollo: If You Give The Borg A Warp Core

Captain’s Log, Stardate 2401.6   The Apollo is a day away from Olympia Station, where we are scheduled for a week of maintenance and shore leave. We’ll also be making our final crew changes—including the unfortunate departure of Lieutenant Erik Schaeffer to take on a new posting at the [...]

2 June 2023

11. Guidance is Internal

USS Apollo: Ready for Launch

Just before it was time to depart, Captain Gaudain emerged from his ready room and entered the bridge. Stanton and the rest of the bridge officers were already at their stations while Commander Rhodes oversaw their final systems checks from his seat at the science station. The bosun’s whistle [...]

2 June 2023

10. The Eagle Has Landed

USS Apollo: Ready for Launch

Taking the turbolift down to deck four, Gaudain led Stanton through the empty corridors towards the Waverider Bay. With such cramped facilities, Rhode Island-class ships couldn’t carry standard runabouts, but the designers had managed to cram a high-speed survey craft in between the computer core [...]

2 June 2023

9. Minor Larceny

USS Apollo: Ready for Launch

On scout ships like the Rhode Island class, the atmosphere was often noisy and frenetic in the hallways, thanks to the close quarters. With powerful engines and delicate sensor systems, they had relatively large crew complements for their size just to keep everything working as it was supposed to. [...]