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Profile Overview


Xindi-Aquatic Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Eirell


Head of Cetacean Ops
USS Arcturus


Eirell Vallas'on



Eirell is one of three Xindi-Aquatics aboard the Arcturus, where she serves as head of the Cetacean Ops Section, under the Science Department. She supervises other aquatic crewmembers who are assigned to teams that include structural engineering R&D, linguistics, and theoretical navigation research. Like many member of her species, she is slow to consider new options and is very deliberative about her thought processes. Getting an answer out of her can take a while, but she genuinely enjoys interacting with other species. The universal translator allows her to communicate with other members of the crew, either through viewing windows into the cetacean tanks or with special underwater translation gear for humanoids.