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USS Avenger (NCC-74206)

USS Avenger

Defiant-class • NCC-74206 • Task Force 93

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17 February 2022

Threat Assessment

USS Avenger: Perilous Rescue

Captain’s log, stardate 75749.4. The Avenger is four hours out of Devron Fleet Yards. Commander Ino has our skeleton crew hard at work assisting the engineering team with implementing the yard engineers emergency upgrades. These changes will, according to the engineering team at Devron, allow [...]

11 February 2022

Diplomatic Mission Against the Clock

USS Avenger: Perilous Rescue

“Holy smokes.” Paul stood with about a dozen other starship captains in the briefing room of Commodore Uzoma Ekwueme, commander of the Fourth Fleet’s expeditionary group. A holographic representation of the Paulson Nebula, including several adjacent sectors, was projected above the expansive [...]

6 February 2022


USS Avenger: Perilous Rescue

Captain’s log, stardate 75747.5. U.S.S. Avenger, Paul Gordon, commanding. After a mostly uneventful six-week patrol mission, we are returning to Devron Fleet Yards for replenishment and much needed shore leave. Commendations to Lieutenant Commander Ino and Lieutenant T’Meris for a successful [...]